FitPros appreciates that you as Brokers are always analyzing and assessing your client’s existing benefits programs - Partnering with us will give you unlimited access to our custom onsite Wellness Solutions that will not only benefit your client’s bottom line but also help you ensure all their employee needs are being addressed.

FitPros is a Turnkey Wellness Provider That Brings Health and Wellness Direct to Brokerage Clients

Why Brokers Need an Onsite Wellness Partner



According to Johson & Johnson, Wellness Programs have reduced the health care costs (for companies all over the U.S.) by $250 million dollars in the past decade.


Wellness Programs boost an employee’s engagement with their work and employer because they facilitate peer relationships and foster a feeling of social belonging and connection to one’s employer.


To ensure Wellness Programs are effective, a company must customize their Wellness offerings to target its employee demographics specific needs and provide them at a confined location that they can manage and oversee.

How FitPros Makes a Broker's Life Easier



FitPros’ app allows your client’s employees, to easily sign up for, and see notifications about each activity their employer is providing. Once they have chosen an offering to participate in they can see any updates (time, date, location) - in real-time! Additionally, FitPros understands it is important to measure your ROI and our app lets you do so. 


FitPros understands you and your clients have Full-Time jobs and may not have the capacity to analyze, research, vet vendors, organize, promote, and implement wellness offerings into your client’s business. Let us offload your plate and manage all wellness-related responsibilities.


We work with your client’s carriers to deliver, unified onsite programming, that resolves and reduces carrier claims. Additionally, FitPros knows many of your clients have a Calendar of Themes they have carefully scheduled out. FitPros can work in tandem with this calendar to ensure clear and consistent messages are reaching their employees.  

Just to name a few of the leading companies that hire us...


As a Broker, there are a couple of Wellness Paths you can take (FitPros highly recommends considering #3)


What Can a Broker do?


Are you a broker who wants to work with FitPros?

Questions to help choose a Wellness Provider.

Is the provider’s core objective to improve employee health and reduce employee-related expenses for your client?


Does the provider have a mentality that “one size will not fit all” for wellbeing initiatives?


Can the provider design a comprehensive program that reflects the company’s culture and can tailor their offerings to the total population?


Does the provider have tools to help clients with internal cultural changes? e.g. marketing support, site visits, online and in-person resources.


How connected is the provider in the industry? 
e.g. if they do not provide biometrics or if the client wants an App challenge, do they have a vetted partner ready to go? Otherwise, the work falls back on the broker.

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If you chose option #3 then you might need guidance when weeding through Wellness Providers. FitPros would hope that you choose us to provide all onsite Wellness needs your clients may have, but in case you would like to vet us or compare us to another provider we only ask that you can answer “yes” to every question below before making your choice:


Companies with effective Wellness Programs in place reduce health care costs by 26% and their worker's comp and disability expenses by 30%!


If the monetary benefits a company can acquire from implementing Wellness Programs into their employee's lives, is not enough of a perk, please also consider that employee productivity can increase 28% due to a reduction in sick days a company can expect if they have a Wellness Program in place.


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