Welcome to the FitPros Family!

You are the inspiration that will engage with employees
EDUCATE AND MOTIVATE healthy lifestyle habits

Hey There


You’ve been hired as a FitPro because we believe you share an aligned vision to help people reach their highest health potential. Below please find logistics for next steps. We’re always an email, text or call away if any questions of concerns arise.

Your success is our success. Here are some benefits of becoming a FitPro:

  • Interested in attending a program that we’re hosting for free? Like self-defense, cooking, talks or classes? If we know you’re interested we’ll get in touch when one is available for you to join.

  • Social media re-posts of your class.

  • Hosting a retreat or pop-up class that’s open to the public? Let us know and we’ll share it with HR to tell their employees.

  • Submit a blog to be featured on FitPros.com.

  • Promote your private training

  • Arrive 20 min early to give yourself enough time to set up music and settle into the space

  • Bring your own speaker and any equipment you like to use

  • Greet all employees with a smile- positivity sets the tone!

For Our Fitness Teachers

For Our Health Talk Speakers

  • Arrive 30 min early to give you ample time to set up and make introductions

  • Bring your own laptop

  • Include one or more high engagement activities- if appropriate, get them up and moving!

  • Showcase your expertise with a
    visual presentation

  • Send your outline and description no later than 4 weeks prior

  • Your final presentation deck is due to the client at least 7 days before
    your talk

We’re thrilled to have you as a valued teammate! On this page we’ve got a quick rundown of what you’ll need to be a successful FitPro. We look forward to building a partnership together!

Getting Paid

  • Direct deposit is on the 15th of each month, via ADP is FitPros method of payment. Your timesheet must be received by the 10th of the month that follows your month worked.

    • For example, if you teach a class on May 5th, then you must submit a timesheet before June 10th to be paid on June 15th.

  • Download timesheet here

  • Email timesheet to finance@fitpros.com before the 10th of the following month

  • The first time we pay you we’ll need the ADP Direct Deposit Form and W9 Form

  • Drop your completed ADP and W9 form in this secured Dropbox

Want to get more involved?

Join the FitPro Engagement Program

At FitPros, we strive to motivate health and happiness through physical movement and health education where people spend most time. Help us shine this message through our social media channels and blog site, and promote yourself as a health/fitness expert, all while getting paid!

  • Higher pay rate per class for 2 social posts + 1 blog post per month

  • Get paid for every employee you get to follow us on any of
    our social media channels!


Email jasmine@fitpros.com to learn more!

All of your on-site wellness needs are met with FitPros!

Additional Offerings:  Self Defense  |  Chiropractic Care  |  Acupuncture  |  Dermo Skin Check

Marketing Support: Flyers for Email and Print  |  Employee Interest Survey  |  Gift Incentive Discount  |  Wellness Ambassador Support