Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions to Recruit & Retain

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Achieve your corporate social responsibility goals in your office by incorporating WELLNESS events

Be Prepared

for Any

FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.

20 Min.


That Meet

Corporate Social

Responsibility Goals

FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.


Live DJ Yoga

for a charity of your choice

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Live DJ Yoga

For a charity of your choice

Looking for educate your team on a charity your company supports and get them involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives? Live DJ Fitness is a great opportunity to come together as a company for the greater good. This onsite OR virtual experience with our top-notch instructors and top-rated DJs, will leave your employees feeling connected to themselves, their colleagues, and a worthy beneficiary.

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Two Activities To Support 


Kind Note Card Writing

Help Be The Match continue to provide one-on-one support to patients who are waiting for or receiving a transplant. Your staff will have the opportunity to write a card and/or give a donation to a transplant patient and their family members in need. Anything and all helps!

Cheek Swab Kit Making

Assemble cheek swab kits to help patients to find their donor match! The Be The Match Registry® is a listing of potential donors. When people join the Registry, they provide a sample of their DNA by swabbing their cheek. This cheek swab is tested for a minimum of 6 basic HLA markers to learn if they are a match.


On-site Hospital Mural Painting

Help turn a bleak treatment room into a room of hope with your donated artwork. This team-building activity allows your staff to have fun, be creative, all while benefiting those in need. Staff will have the opportunity to request the top three locations they would prefer their painting be donated to if the hospital has the capacity to accept their work it will be hung as a compassion donation. If your chosen hospital is unable to accept the donation, fear not! The foundation will strategically place your work where there is a significant need. Each kit includes 6 Pre-Drawn canvases, art supplies and instructions.

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Remote & On-site Painting

Remote Worker HeART Board

This philanthropic activity is the perfect fit for remote workers and for those with kids at home. Your employees will receive a 9" x 12" canvas with pre-printed and color-coded designs, and includes all art supplies, table protectors, and aprons. Choose between the Healthcare Worker canvas to honor and pay tribute to our frontline heroes or the Patient canvas to uplift and comfort patients in hospitals everywhere. Employees are welcomed to drop off the completed paint at a nearby healthcare facility. 

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Cooking for a Cause

Hands On Team-Building to Support Healthy Food Education

Your employees will feel inspired in this cooking class that gives back to the community. Through a partnership with the non-profit 18 Reasons, over 35% of the cost of the class goes into community outreach programs that teach low income families how to prepare balanced meals on tight budgets. For busy offices, this class will allow your staff to not only meet their nutrition goals but also their philanthropic ones.

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Patient Care Packages

Nurse And Patient In Waiting Room

Provide engaging activities for children who are waiting for treatment in emergency rooms or clinics, by creating care packages composed of a Hero Cards, bubbles, pinwheel, fun stickers, "you are special" cards, and toys. All of the packages are filled with materials that relieve stress and anxiety and help with breathing.

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