May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Share your #EmotionalFluency tactics to make mental health tools accessible to everyone

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Why #EmotionalFluency?

Being emotionally fluent is a step to combat stigmas around mental health. Our campaign goal is to empower people to showcase their emotional fluency and artistic outlets by sharing how they sustain positive mental health via a blog or video. 

We want to hear from you!

Choose any or all of these ways to share your story

  1.  Submit a blog about your mental health journey 

  2.  Submit a video sharing how you express your emotional fluency

  3.  Submit a video of you reciting your favorite inspirational quote

Whether you express yourself through poetry, instrument, song, yoga, dance, comedy, art, writing...

we encourage you to give those in need your ideas on how to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Emotionally fluent means to be open and able to express emotions and thoughts authentically and without judgement.

Caitlin Ackerman

You're doing the best you can with what you know in the given moment

Jasmine Manalo

When troubled, there are things you can get from a silent devoted  dog companion that no other source can give you

We searched far and wide to collect a ton of useful resources to support you during these super weird times. We get that some things may not relate to you, so take what does and leave the rest!

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Parenting, Family & Pet Support

Physical Health Resources

Give Back Opportunities


At Home Culture and Learning

Emotional Wellbeing

Help someone who's struggling by sharing how you keep your #EmotionalFluency in check!

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