FitPros Kids offers Holistic Wellness for the Next Generation

Today's kids are facing a mental health crisis. With anxiety, depression, and suicide rates on the rise, FitPros Kids is on a mission to change those devastating statistics. Through the education of movement and mindset, children will learn valuable life skills that instill healthy habits and enhance happiness

FitPros Kids

FitPros Kids Wellness Curriculum is designed to assist hardworking parents and supplement formal education by bringing programs directly to them when they are out of school. Our Youth Specialists develop fundamental executive function skills and offer tools for self-regulation. It is our goal to encourage continuous growth and development through play-based activities so children can grow up to be their healthiest and happiest selves.

Youth Fitness

Yogi Kids

Through yoga movements and mindfulness kids will learn healthy ways to calm the mind and body using breath and body awareness. It's important for young people to develop new coping skills so that when anger and worry arise, they are prepared to pause and evaluate their next move.

Self Defense

There are a variety of reasons children behave as bullies and are bullied – both are contributing to increasing rates in depression and suicide. Self Defense empowers kids to identify aggressive interactions, take verbal action first, and utilize physical defense moves when necessary. They will learn witty verbal defenses to use with their peers and be prepared when faced with more dangerous situations.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp enables and encourages play while learning proper form and purpose for which muscles are being used in the various exercises. Make physical fitness fun and inclusive in this group exercise class that combines the use of body weight, floor ladders, and other fun fitness toys.

Little Foodies Cooking

What messages are kids receiving when it comes to nourishing their bodies? From debunking myths, to reading food labels, and understanding how what we eat impacts our body and daily performance, it’s essential for children to learn nutrition education and simple cooking techniques. In this hands-on cooking class youth will make foods that provide nourishment for their minds and bodies and share it family style.


These free-style fun classes encourage kids to let down their guard and be goofy. From hip-hop to ballet kids will move to a variety of beats allowing the body and mind to express itself with each class ending in a discussion that there is no “wrong” when it comes to self expression

Intuitive Painting Class

Children are taking in an abundance of content each day and need a safe outlet where their thoughts can be freely expressed. In this free flow painting class, students will learn styles and techniques of former artists and be encouraged to process their emotions, letting creativity pour into their work.

Family Meditation

It’s never too early to start teaching your children the importance of mindfulness. Starting their meditation journey early is an excellent way of helping them understand and feel comfortable with their emotions. Meditation teaches children to be fully present which can lead to successful communication about their wants and needs; this communication can come in the form of words but can also be exuded through their energy and behavior. Meditation can offer kids the tools they need to respond to a situation calmly instead of reacting out of frustration, anger or fear. 

FitPros Kids Health Talks are typically 30-45-minute, interactive workshops that invite children to explore different topics and develop new competencies. We encourage parents to attend with the goal of continued discussion at home. However, depending on the age and topic, FitPros Kids may recommend youth-only workshops. FitPros will provide parents with a takeaway sheet to encourage conversation afterward.

Health Talks

Finance Fundamentals

In a rapidly evolving economy that increasingly values technical skills, personal finance education often takes a backseat to STEM education. When kids are not taught good money habits and the reasoning behind them, they pick up and emulate the relationships with money of the adults in their lives. Early financial literacy teaches kids how to have a good relationship with money and understand the value of saving, spending, allowances, and the importance of short-term goals to attain their long-term financial goals.

Magic Breath

Our youth are experiencing greater levels of stress and anxiety at younger ages. Children’s mental health is a crucial part of their overall well being. In this mindfulness and meditation class, children will learn an empowering practice that helps them discover that a special place of peace can be found in their own mind.

Nutrition Fun For Kiddos

Getting youth to eat at all can be a challenge, let alone teaching them how the foods they eat interact with their bodies. Kids need to learn the difference between whole foods and processed foods and how they make our bodies feel and perform. In this workshop we’ll snack on healthy foods, discovering how minerals give us more energy and why sugary snacks make us sleepy. Having conversations with kids about why what they put into their body matters not only teaches them to make smarter food choices but can reduce their chances for diet related health conditions later in life.

Sticks and Stones

Youth worldwide are finding it increasingly difficult to enter and be successful in the workforce. With social media steering primary social interactions, developing the soft skills necessary to navigate new environments, work with others, and achieve goals can be a challenge. In this Sticks and Stones workshop, youth will learn a cluster of social and communication skills necessary to get along with and respect others, express gratitude, resolve conflict, and understand contextual verbal and nonverbal cues. It is our goal to develop these competencies so that children can be confident, polite, and compassionate in their present and future.

Learning From Failure

Life isn’t about what happens to us, it’s how we react to what happens to us. When children fail a test or lose a game, they are often told to study or practice harder and do better next time. In this thought forward workshop, children will embark on a self-exploration journey uncovering what “failure” looks and feels like for them and how to change their narrative to successfully move forward. Children will discover the  tools needed to turn grief or anger into positive encouragement to help them navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs.


FitPros Kids philanthropic activities are designed with the intention for children learn empathy and feel compassion to help others in need. For each activity we've partnered with non-profit organization who donates the completed materials to a hospital or directly to patients. 

Hospital Mural Painting

Help turn a bleak treatment room into a room of hope with your donated artwork. To kick off the activity it will be explained to the children why this painting class is unique and how the completed art gets placed in a hospital where patients will see the artwork and smile. This philanthropic program allows the children to have fun, be creative, all while benefiting those in need. The Hospital Art Foundation will strategically place your work where there is a significant need.

Patient Care Packages

To start this activity the children attending will learn about how they will be building presents for other kids who are sick and waiting for treatment in emergency rooms or clinics. The unassembled kits are composed of items such as Hero Cards, bubbles, pinwheel, fun stickers, "you are special" cards, and toys. The completed packages are filled with the above mentioned materials that relieve stress and anxiety and help with breathing. Children attending will be familiar with the toys and understand why they will make other kids happy.

 Card Writing & Drawing

In partnership with Be The Match this activity will start by sharing with the children a few stories of other kids around there age who are sick. It will be explained that these  kids are awaiting a transplant and how the surgery will help them feel better. The children attending will then be asked if they would like to write a nice note and draw something for the kids while they are waiting for their turn to receive a transplant.

Family and Kids Engagement Activities

Puppet Show

Your team can pre select a storyline based around a theme or the show can be improv style where the puppets ask questions of the audience which engages kids and families within an organization. 

Magic Show

Abracadabra! This experience includes material specifically designed for virtual viewing with lots of personalized audience interaction. 

Children's Storytime

Storytime introduces kiddos to new words and skills. Stories will be read aloud, followed by engaging activities to help little ones learn valuable lessons, while still having fun!

Day Camps

All youth need to develop a set of core life skills to manage school, work, outside interests and social relationships successfully. As humans are not born with these skills, adolescence is a vital “window of opportunity” for development... Please add AND in between skills, and adolescence. FitPros Kids creates a safe and supportive environment where kids can identify and work through challenges, freely express themselves, and build confidence. Here is a sample of our half and full day programs. 

FitPros Kids programming teaches self awareness and coping skills that are just as imperative to our kids future as Math, Science, History and English!

Our credentialed child educators have experience offering physical and emotional adjustments to their curriculum for varying skill levels. As a loose guideline we recommend grouping kids aged 5-7, 8-11, 12-14, and 15-18 into separate classes given the varying learning and maturity levels. All classes can be with or without parents. It’s suggested that if a parent/ guardian attends class then all kids have a guardian attend (meaning all or none).

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”
—Dalai Lama

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