Holiday season

Virtual Holiday Parties & Gifts

With social distancing, office festivities are going to look a little different this year. But we're here to help you recognize each and every one of your employees to ensure they feel valued this holiday season.

Virtual Holiday Parties

Sheltering in Place does not have to mean that this year’s holiday festivities are canceled! You might be thinking that a "Virtual Happy Hour" is the easy solution to close out the year, but we're challenging you to dive deeper. Create something memorable for your employees that's designed with intention and inclusivity. 

Baking Together

Social Engagement Activities & Fitness Classes 

Poinsettia & Partridge Paint Class

Learn to sketch or paint holiday icons either using materials from the home, like paper and pencil, you can purchase paints online or better yet, send a paint set as a gift in a FitPros home delivered Care Package. This fun filled activity will bring your team together for artistic and comic relief.

Ugly Spandex Fitness Class

Let’s crank up the holiday tunes, put on our ugliest sweater or spandex and get your fitness on. The perfect complement to the cookies we’ll be eating, right? Choose your favorite exercise class or meditation and encourage your staff to participate in shameless holiday fun.

Reindeer Games Bingo

Who’s going to lead the team with a red nose? In this homebound BINGO game employees are timed to collect items around their home to complete a line on the BINGO board.

Festivus Battle Trivia

Watch some of your favorite video clips and holiday moments over 3 fun filled rounds. Each round has a winner on the podium, ensuring that the glory is shared by many. This game is played individually in a massive head to head battle, great for very large events and competitive groups. Scores can be combined for overall 'team' winners. Hosted, funny and fully themed for the holidays.

Climb to Mount Crumpit Challenge

Challenge your co-workers this holiday season to Climb Mount Crumpit where the Grinch resides. It's our holiday edition of Climb That Mountain Challenge. Participants will compete virtually to climb 3,000 feet in their own home or any stairs nearby. FitPros will supply the tracking form, a series of emails to internally promote the challenge, and our Holiday Care Packages can make for a fitting reward.

Happy Planksgiving

GIve thanks to your core with the planksgiving challenge! This challenge encourages participants to stay active with daily plank exercises leading up to Thanksgiving. Participants will learn about the importance of exercise, proper form and how to be more active throughout the day with daily plank exercises to complete. 

Winter Riddle Challenge

Is the traditional Turkey Trot or Winter Fun Run cancelled this year? No worries! Replace it with a virtual Fitness Riddle Challenge, Holiday Edition. Take the OnDemand Fitness Classes to learn the riddle then fill out our entry form after completing all five classes. The beauty of On-Demand is that the classes are pre-recorded and can be watched when it's convenient for the participant. Ask how we can help with prizes too!

Holiday Hunt From Home

This one of a kind Scavenger Hunt is specifically designed to be played as a virtual team - together on screen. You'll have 45 minutes to submit as many photos and videos as possible that show your favorite traditions, worst/ best presents, hidden talents, ugliest sweaters and cutest pet costumes. There are 30 challenges to compete, will your team earn the most points before the clock runs out? Nobody gets them all done!

Who Kidnapped Santa

Santa has been kidnapped and we have a holly jolly list of likely suspects. Noteworthy holiday villains like Hans Gruber to Harry & Marv are at the top of the list. Breaking out into case squads, teams must race against the closet to work through a series of holiday-themed riddles, puzzles and multimedia challenges; unlocking the information needed to try and save Santa before it's too late.

Trim the Tree Trivia Game Show

Teams compete in 2-3 rounds of holiday themed game show fun with unique brain challenges that take Google out of the equation. Photos as answers. Puzzles with timers. Would you rather's? All to be completed before the time runs out. Between rounds, earn bonus points and get a glimpse of the leaderboard to fuel that competitive fire. Fast-paced, competitive fun.

Festivus Battle Trivia

Watch some of your favorite video clips and holiday moments over 3 fun filled rounds. Each round has a winner on the podium, ensuring that the glory is shared by many. This game is played individually in a massive head to head battle, great for very large events and competitive groups. Scores can be combined for overall 'team' winners. Hosted, funny and fully themed for the holidays.

Santa’s Cookie Crew Cooking Class

Donner and Blitzen are sure to sneak Santa’s tasty treats this year. Explore some of the holiday seasons cookie favorites. Receive tips from a FitPro on which kinds of cookies freeze well, how to store them, and substitutions along the way.

Family Festive Cooking Class

The holidays are the perfect time to bond with the family in the kitchen. Grab a step stool for your Junior Chef and prepare to make memories. The grocery list and recipes for kid friendly dishes will be shared in advance.

Winter Delight Cooking Class

The weather outside may be frightful, but these recipes will leave you feeling delightful! Learn how to make comfort foods with minimal and (mostly :) healthy ingredients that prove a delicious meal doesn't need to be difficult. The grocery list and recipes for the holiday themed dishes will be shared in advance.

Ho Ho Ho...Holiday Health Talks

Healthy Holiday Cooking & Mindful Indulging

As the holidays approach, the sweets, treats and festivities are abundant. How can you enjoy the holidays and take care of your health simultaneously? Learn how to cook for the holidays with delicious ingredient swaps and new recipes that everyone will love. We'll also explore mindful eating and how it is possible to indulge in some holiday delights without the guilt.

Maintain Your Sanity This Holiday Season: 3 Keys to Pause and Navigate Challenges

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. This year maintain your sanity by utilizing tools that offer clarity during chaos. Discover the power of pause and how it helps navigate stress and expand your capacity. Learn EI (Emotional Intelligence) tools to implement immediately to navigate challenges during the holiday and beyond.

Thanks a Lot: Why Gratitude Matters & How to Express It

We hear that gratitude is good for our mental and even our physical wellbeing, yet it doesn’t come naturally to many people. How do we express gratitude in a way that feels authentic? In this one-hour workshop we explore what gratitude is (and isn’t!), what it can look like at work and in life, and ultimately how we can foster a sense of gratitude in a way that feels resonant and makes an actual difference.

Take Care of Ourselves While Navigating Life

Are you overwhelmed by 2020 life? Do you find yourself reacting, internalizing, lashing out, or avoiding when it comes to the difficult (and important) conversations in life?  This workshop is designed to help you better understand yourself and your own needs so you can speak more effectively with others.  We’ll talk about automatic thoughts, negative patterns, and how to use mindfulness as a way to choose our response to each moment.

Holidays Done Differently

Regardless of how you choose to move through this season, holidays look different for most of us in 2020. How do we honor what is most important to us during this time of year within the limitations of a pandemic and multiple other challenges? This workshop includes practical ideas for marking this season in meaningful, if new, ways. Self-compassion is introduced as an effective tool for comfort, acceptance, and thoughtful action within the present reality. 

Gentle Reset: Embracing New Beginnings

Our challenges do not disappear with the turn of a calendar, yet something about this season inspires a reset. How can we embrace the new beginning of a year while honoring the continued reality of our circumstances? This workshop introduces principles of mindfulness and self-compassion as tools for meeting the moment. Through empowering, reflective exercises we’ll begin to see clearly where are and identify where we want to be. We’ll set intentions based in hope, not fear, moving away from shame toward what nourishes.

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Home Delivered Holiday Gifts

Our Holiday Care Packages are the perfect gift to send your employees. Much like our Wellness Care Package, this thoughtful present is packed with snacks and items of your choice. The items in the Package can be branded with your company logo, as well as the box it arrives in. 

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What to Expect in Your Care Package

  • Access to On-Demand Videos

  • Personal note from your Management

  • Chapstick

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • 3 Tasty Snacks

Plus, you choose 2 additional items that can be branded with your company logo!

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Ready to plan your Virtual Office Holiday Festivities?

Contact one of our Wellness Consultants today to learn more about our virtual offerings and what's inside each care package.


Let your employees know that you appreciate their hard work - especially after one of the most challenging years in our history.

We'll make sure you exceed your company's wellness goals this holiday season.