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Co-Create with co-workers through the art of IMPROV 



Improvisational theatre, the art of creating scenes and stories out of given suggestions, is a long-standing form of entertainment. This social engagement activity in the workplace drives collaborative culture, creative problem solving, improved listening skills, the ability to read body language/think on one's feet, and not to mention laughter which is just plain good for you.


Check out these workshops we can bring into your office! *Any course can be a 60 minute, 90 minute or half-day course.*

Leap and the Net Will Appear

This session focuses on strengthening the “saying yes” and “risk-taking” muscles through interactive exercises. Practicing risk-taking, saying “yes,” and venturing into the unknown while relinquishing control can help one prepare for the unknowns that emerge in our personal and professional lives on a daily basis with more curiosity, confidence, and agility.

Storytelling for Creativity, Collaboration, and Connection

Stories are one of the most impactful ways to convey a message and one of the most ancient ways humans have of expressing ourselves and connecting with each other. Through improv storytelling exercises and games, we’ll explore co-creation, creativity, and connection. You’ll share true stories from your life and you will identify ways to integrate those stories into your work life. Whether or not you consider yourself “imaginative” or “creative,” YOU are innately a storyteller, you may just need some coaching to uncover your style.

Step Up! Step Back! // Speak Up! Listen Up!

Improvisation offers numerous opportunities to notice, engage with, and change our behaviors/defaults. This workshop will focus on navigating when/where to step up, and where to hold back. All of those are useful behaviors at different times and there isn’t a scientific formula for when to do what. Through interactive exercises and games, we’ll play with noticing our own preferences and defaults and make adjustments in whichever direction we might need them. All participants will leave knowing the value of “owning your voice” and “making your colleague look good.”

Yoga and Improvisation: Practical Practices for Moving Through the Unknown.

Combining improv and yoga offers frameworks, philosophies, and practices for finding the balance between effort and surrender; for examining our own actions, responses, and patterns; for making mistakes cheerfully; and for making mindful choices for how we want to move through the world - with intention, with heart, and with humor. In this session, attendees will learn to alternate between simple yoga asana (physical poses), breathing practices, and accessible improv exercises.

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