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Co-Create with co-workers through the art of IMPROV 



Improvisational theatre, the art of creating scenes and stories out of given suggestions, is a long-standing form of entertainment. This social engagement activity in the workplace drives collaborative culture, creative problem solving, improved listening skills, the ability to read body language/think on one's feet, and not to mention laughter which is just plain good for you.


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Become a YES Person

If you have seen the 2008 film Yes Man you have witnessed what is possible if you are forced to say YES to everything. If you have not, it doesn’t matter! This Improv workshop will help you practice and teach you how to say ‘yes’ to opportunities that have the potential to better you personally and/or professionally. This relinquishment of control will open up doors for you that may not previously have been openable. Learn how to just SAY YES!

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is an innate skill that humans are born with, however, if we do not cultivate that skill and continue to improve our storytelling abilities, we will struggle to truly connect to our core values and those around us. Why? Storytelling is a part of every conversation. Whether you are selling your personal brand or a product, storytelling will help you to truly get your message across. All attendees of this workshop will get practice telling THEIR story so they may better connect with others and their personal missions.

Master Navigating Social Interactions

Improv is a great way to practice how to speak and act in different social situations. In this workshop, all attendees will be challenged to navigate different conversations and/or interactions authentically, which will empower them with experiences that can positively impact their social and professional lives. Note: Learning how to interact with others is just as beneficial for an individual, as it is for those they are encountering in their lives.

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