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FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.

Crossing the Finish Line

Crush epic goals: Whatever you think... think bigger!

Everyone wants a plan to get ahead. How do you set really big goals without self sabotaging yourself? How can you think bigger and actually knock it out of the park? Attendees get on track with in this workshop and learn how to, give their brain a clearer target, stop the unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage, develop habits that create consistent action, stop misdirecting their imagination toward worry and follow a simple plan that cannot fail. Attendees leave this workshop perfect to shed limits and go big!

Woman Doing Push Ups

Proper form: Do less better and get double results in half the time

How can you get double the results in half the time? The answer is simple: proper form. Attendees of this workshop learn to apply the fitness philosophy "do less better" and how to, reduce risk of injury, learn adjustments to where most people go wrong, build their base of support safely, connect mind to muscle more effectively. This workshop is Perfect for beginners who need modifications due to weight or injury, as well as athletes who want to amplify results. Attendees leave not having done a workout but having watched and taken notes unless of course they want to practice and participate!

Gym Workout

Become a

Worker Outer

Ever wish you could get in shape without feeling overwhelmed with where you are at right now? No worries! This workshop will help beginners get started and stay on track. Attendees will learn and set a foundational fitness goals, create multiple definitions for success, boost positive body image and self-confidence, body weight only exercises, how to do less with proper form, and train their metabolism to rev up and shed fat.

Beach Run

Summer Slimdown Workshop

How can you step strong and confidently into a summer-ready body? It starts with a positive attitude between your ears and pro tips that you can apply immediately. In this workshop the speaker will discuss the top 6 mindset + fitness habits so attendees learn how to set a crystal clear goal, create multiple definitions for success, boost positive body image and self-confidence, properly mix abs, cardio and conditioning do less bette with proper form and train the metabolism to rev up and shed fat.

In addition to our Health Talks with one credentialed speaker FitPros can also organize panel discussions and fireside chats. These formats work well when you'd like to bring in your carriers to share the benefits available, and if you'd like a 'celebrity' status personality to talk to the group. Rates vary for panel and fireside chats based on the scope of work.

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