Workplace Wellness Offerings to Recruit and Retain


Engage your total population with WELLNESS 

solutions that offer something for everyone.




If you didn't know, it is absolutely crucial that your Wellness Program be holistic because it's the only way the needs of an entire employee demographic can be met. Why must everyone's wellness needs be met? Well, if it is not obvious, every employee in your organization has a specific set of health and lifestyle requirements, and when these needs are met, they are their happiest, healthiest and most productive selves. When an entire employee demographic is their happiest, healthiest and most productive selves... your business thrives!


Physical Pillar

Physical fitness is as much about preventative care and recovery as it is about exercise. Providing onsite Fitness Classes and Health Talks are baseline activities. However, all of these programs target a holistic approach.




Emotional Pillar

Your company's commitment to cultivating your employees' emotional fitness determines their capacity to navigate emotions, make decisions and have interactions that are not harsh, overly emotional or dismissive of their feelings.


  • Emotional Intelligence Health Talks

  • Meditation

  • 1:1 Wellness Coaching

  • Vision Boarding 

  • Sound Bath Healing

  • Succulent Potting Workshop



Social Pillar

Social fitness is an employee’s ability to interact with their colleagues  effortlessly and authentically. Social activities cultivate a culture of belonging for which employees can bring their whole self to work.



Financial Pillar

By empowering your employees with Financial Fitness you can have a major effect on their stress levels, which directly impact their physical and emotional fitness, in turn you can improve their productivity and your bottom line! 



Professional Pillar

Professional fitness relates to how much an employee feel ontrack with their career. By providing onsite professional training you will help shape their purpose and enhance their motivation to achieve the next step toward their future.



You will notice we describe each pillar as a form of 'fitness' because being 'FitPros' we do not believe fitness is limited to one's physical health. There is also, Emotional, Social, Financial and Professional fitness.

*FitPros asks that you please book all offerings at least ONE month in advance. Though all our teachers and speakers are phenomenal, we want to ensure that the FitPro whom conducts your offering is a good culture fit, and that you have enough time to utilize the internal marketing materials we create to boost participation. We want your offering to be successful, adequate lead time makes this possible.

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