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Twilight Workouts

Twilight Workouts: Using Daylight Savings Time

Spring’s March 11th is the day Daylight Savings (DLS) rolls back the clock an hour, causing us to wake up earlier for work, but giving us an hour more of sun after we leave work. These beautiful pinkish-purple shades of twilight--the time between sunset and sundown--can light up the outdoors and encourage some serious twilight workouts.

No longer does your work day end in the pitch black of night--so abandon your winter excuses of skipping your self-prescribed activities.Thanks to DLS, the sunlight remaining at the end day is a boon to those who want a little play after a day of work--make use of it! Let the unique time and light of twilight inspire your walks, hikes, and jogs with the colorful skies only twilight can produce. If you’re lacking motivation in the early hours of the morning, feeding your inner-active self a dose of twilight beauty will surely get yourself into the wide-open outdoors. Along with twilight being easy on the eyes, it is ten times safer for nighttime trekkers!

Needless to say, Spring twilight also provides you with a wonderful opportunity to bridge the gap between work and bed. Why not leverage the longer daylight hours by partaking in outdoor activities to relieve you of your work-day stress? Most of us work indoors with artificial light beaming down on us nearly all day as it is. Spring’s new twilight will certainly solve that unnatural state of being!

The days of longer daylight will also affect your body-clock and its circadian rhythms. Your body will practically be begging for activity in the later hours of the day as these hours will gradually become brighter with the changing of the seasons. What a perfect time to jump-start a new workout routine or elongate your jogging or biking route. As Winter is left behind, and Spring turns to Summer, there will be plenty of room in the twilight hours to tone up your body with some recreational activities.

Everybody appreciates a specific start date to switch up or start a workout regime: begin this March 11th and rev up your workouts under the blanketed sun of twilight.

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