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How Fit Pros Uses Data to Track Your Corporate Wellness

Tracking employee attendance is the best way to manage employee wellness and ROI of a corporate wellness program. Fit Pros now implements a data platform with our onsite wellness program to track the attendance of all your employee participants. We know that every ounce of effort counts and now your company can prove it.

Technology, like a wellness program, is constantly evolving and the success of any business works in a feedback loop. We factor how different wellness variables affect employee health and use its data to track, analyze, and tweak it as needed. A primary goal for HR is to survey employees to determine what kind of wellness culture they want their company to reflect. The best teacher of success is past behavior: did your current wellness program lower sick days, and did that consequently reduced drug costs. Once the wellness initiative is set in motion, employees should be surveyed again. Employee feedback is instrumental to analyzing and forecasting the data of a wellness program.

Measuring attendance can systematically impact the rate in which employees engage and participate in their wellness program. Data predicts rates of work absenteeism and ROI, for instance, “a report by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans determined that most North American employers saved $1 to $3 in their overall health care costs for every dollar spent. These savings come from direct costs, like workers’ compensation claims, and indirect costs, like improved loyalty and increased productivity.” So by having a data tracking system, you’ll have tangible proof to prove ROI. You, as HR, can inspire employees to take charge of their health and use data as a tally of their progress. Giving employees access to their health data in the workplace encourages them to see their health as a priority. It’s a helpful reminder that tending to health is just important as tending to work. Interestingly, involving technology softens a company’s image and creates a work culture that values wellness.

A data platform is a reliable feature that will accurately record the results of your wellness program--benefiting both the company and the employee. Corporate Wellness Magazine emphasizes how “Robin Rager, Ph.D., principal, Optimum Health Management, LLC, Torrance, California, uses data on biometrics, health behaviors, health-related work impairment, employee salaries/wages, and medical and workers’ compensation claims to conduct health management forecasting for his respective clients.” Fit Pros understands how data can organize and consolidate all these ROI variables for your company. Most notably, data creates a wellness program that is environmentally-friendly in that it eliminates the sign-in sheet protocol and thereby relieves HR and Ambassadors the burden of paper and Google Sheets. Technology enables employees to access our Fit Pros’ class descriptions, and biographies of Fit Pros’ fitness instructors and Health Talk speakers.

Fit Pros shows you how to best incentivize wellness participation to take care of your company’s personal wellness funds. For example, our data platform integrates a wellness stipend and leverages subsidy control to engage your employees. Your company will be well-equipped with tools to process reimbursement and improve administration efficiency. Other features allow you to navigate Fit Pros’ wellness marketplace, or external vendor network which comprises of nearby gyms, Fitbit, Sofi, and Soothe massage to name a few. You can browse our marketplace of vetted wellness merchants to bring their products to your employees directly. Thankfully, our platform manages the vendor vetting and you avoid being locked into long-term contracts.

As mentioned in a previous article, “How to Start or Step-up Onsite Wellness,” employees are especially motivated when executive leadership participate in the wellness program. Investing in wellness as a company levels out the playing field and unites the efforts of everyone. The more individuals who participate within a company, the more data that can be used to improve your wellness program. Data and employee feedback enables leadership to set the wellness initiative that works for everyone.

Additionally, new hires are indirectly motivated to work at a company that has a wellness program built in. Medical benefits are usually utilized on an as-needed basis for regular check-ups, prescriptions, and emergencies. Hospitals, however, do not prioritize a wellness plan for their patients nor strongly emphasize that wellness requires your own personal input and lifelong maintenance. A wellness program that records your health attendance just like hospital records is a better way to manage employee wellness.

Fit Pros knows that simply showing up to your wellness is the first step and continuing is the second, which is why we offer services onsite! Fit Pros believes that if you can show up to work, you can show up for your health. And health is easier to maintain if it’s easier to track. You know that it will be exciting to be able to prove ROI for your company and for your employees to prove ROI for themselves. Employee can compare their Fit Pros attendance to their hospital attendance and see that managing their own health reduces the likelihood of acquiring illnesses that are easily preventable. All in all, tracking fitness in the workplace keeps employees accountable and committed to their wellness and workplace goals.

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