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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

  • Christopher Jordan

Easing the Burden of Corporate Wellness Programming

The last three years have shown us that when our normal shifts, we need to learn to adapt. So, here we are. Remote and hybrid work environments are the new norm. How are you doing?

Are you looking to re-engage your employees, both at-home and in the workplace?

Are you looking to foster a healthier, happier company culture?

How are you supporting the professional and personal growth, and preventative care of your employees?

Are your yearly wellness efforts working?

In today's competitive business landscape, employee wellbeing has emerged as a non-negotiable contributing factor to the success of any organization. People are seeking to be a part of companies that are investing in their health and wellness. Consequently, companies are beginning to recognize that a healthy and happy workforce leads to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and higher employee retention rates.

But recognizing the importance of wellbeing is the easy part. The hard part? Well, that lies in creating a program that actually contributes to those positive changes, leading to a new and more positive workplace culture. With the increasing workload being placed on HR leaders everywhere, there just isn’t enough time to internally plan, and more importantly manage an effective wellness program.

The good news: this is what FitPros does! And we do it expertly.

Through customized wellness surveys and health data analysis, we’re able to provide our clients with an answer to what their employees’ needs are with programming that actually offers a change-based solution. We take on all of the responsibilities of planning, coordinating, and tracking the effectiveness of your FitPros Wellbeing programs.

We’re adamant believers that wellness solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Each employee has different needs, preferences, and lifestyles. By leveraging data insights from wellbeing surveys, crafted individually for each of our clients, we are able to translate what your population's needs are straight from the source. Personalization empowers individuals to take ownership of their wellbeing journey, and feel like they do have a say, leading to higher participation rates and improved outcomes.

With FitPros at your side, year round, we continually send out updated wellness surveys, and actively ask for feedback from participants after every session we coordinate. This ensures we’re providing the content they need, and adjusting accordingly. This method allows our offerings to adapt and evolve with employees in real time while actively working towards achieving your organization's long term goals.

Spur of the moment and last minute planning can be seen as reactionary care, leading employees to feel disconnected with their company culture. Instead, we support you by planning a thoughtful and intentional preventative care solution. Shifting from a one-off activity mindset to a comprehensive holistic approach with focused and purposeful programming enables a sense of stability and consistency for both leadership and employees. Long-term wellness programs lead to lasting lifestyle changes among employees, promoting sustainable habits that contribute to employees overall health and happiness.

Short-term planning results in fluctuating budget distributions, making it challenging to allocate funds for what is needed. With FitPros, annual wellness program planning provides our clients with the ability to effectively optimize their budget. With a yearly perspective, our clients can strategically assign resources across various wellness activities, maximizing the impact of the wellness initiatives while ensuring budgetary efficiency.

Bottomline, it pays to plan.

We are here to provide you with information on best practices and proven frameworks to ensure your wellness funds are being utilized with purpose.

Interested in learning more on how to best utilize your wellness funds with FitPros’ stress free approach? We’d love to hear from you! Schedule time to chat with one of our wellness experts, here.


Written by Brianna Frassica, Sales Manager, in collaboration with Leslie Gay, Vice President of Sales. Visit us at for more wellbeing.


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