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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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Easy to Implement Mental Health Campaign for Your Company

By Tatum Souza

Tip: Scroll down to Step #4 to learn how to win a FREE HEALTH FAIR!

FitPros is hearing now more than ever from HR Leads and Brokers “I want to focus on improving my employee’s mental health.” Why? Because the world is desperately trying to combat stigmas around mental health. In doing so we can take steps to improve the emotional mindset of the masses, and in turn the overall health of mankind.

But, it must be a collective effort which is why FitPros created our #EmotionalFluency campaign and we are inviting you and your people to join in!

Don’t worry, we were unclear too! But, this term has become a FitPros favorite. You know how you are fluent in at least one language? It’s like that but with your feelings!

In the words of Lucid Living "Emotional Fluency is the skill of experiencing authentic emotion without judgment or attachment”. Being emotionally fluent is a step we can all take to combat stigmas surrounding mental health.

Not convinced? Hear us out!

“Most of us have been taught to deny a broad range of emotions. Some emotions we judge as unloving or unspiritual, others we fear due to their intensity or accompanying pain. We have been shamed by the abuse of emotions, often by loved ones who claimed to do it for our own good. We have been controlled and manipulated by people who use emotion as a weapon. Society gives us numerous messages to imply that it is weak to feel or express emotion. And because feeling is a feminine energy in both men and women, it is often devalued, ridiculed and judged. All these factors create personal and societal resistance to emotion.Yet our emotional resources are essential to functioning as a powerful adult. Whether you are seeking success in business or in relationships or in any area of your life, healthy and authentic emotional expression is key." - Lucid Living

Here's how you can easily implement your company’s #EmotionalFluency campaign

Step #1: Explain to your company about #EmotionalFluency

We encourage you as people leaders and your company’s leadership team, to get in front of your staff and showcase your #EmotionalFluency by kicking off the campaign and sharing why expressing emotions (in whatever way you see fit) is important.

Click to watch FitPros CEO, Lindsay Johnson's example video.

Feel free to share this video with your team or better yet, have YOUR Executive leader(s) create one. Hearing a message from a face they know and admire might be more impactful.

Step #2: Create a Google Form to accept submissions

Check out FitPros’ Example Google Form HERE

If you are afraid your employees won’t share, here is something to note. As human beings we are most incentivized to do something when WE are motivated by the outcome. Instagram is so popular because people want to promote their personal brand to their network. So many of them will have no problem getting in front of a camera especially if they know it is “them doing their part” to combat mental health stigmas.

Note: How one expresses their #EmotionalFluency is different person-to-person, so give your people the space and opportunity to share in whatever way they see fit (Sending in a yoga pose, playing the guitar, writing a blog) whatever it is... your #EmotionalFluency is YOURS and we empower you to show it off ;)

Step #3 Praise and Showcase your people

Intake all submissions and create a calendar that strategically highlights each and every person. Make them feel special and shine the spotlight on them.

Ideas of where to post the submissions.

  • Company Social Channel(s): Tag the person so they feel supported and can re-share your post on their own social channel furthering the reach of their #EmotionalFluency

  • Internal Slack Channel(s): Give a new person each day a shout out of how they are being vulnerable and putting their #EmotionalFluency out there to help combat stigma around mental health

  • Newsletter: Choose to include this in your existing internal newsletter or use it as a great reason to start one! Share people’s submissions and mental health resources. We have external resources on the #EmotionalFluency webpage and this is in opportunity for you to remind your employees what your companies EAP and benefit plan covers.

Step #4 (optional) Use your #EmotionalFluency campaign to win a FREE FitPros Wellness Fair!

FitPros is giving away a FREE Welcome Back to the Office Wellness Fair to the company who has the highest employee participation - over $6,000 in value!


  1. Let your FitPros Wellbeing Manager know you want to participate

  2. Share with us the Google Form you're using to collect submissions

  3. We'll include your employees #EmotionalFluency videos/ blogs within our campaign too

  4. < 25 entries you could win a Mini Fair and over < 50 entries a full fair

  5. Bonus! Get someone from your Executive Team to participate and receive a fitness class in addition to the Fair!

As always, FitPros is here to support you and your employees on their wellbeing journey. #EmotionalFluency can be fun and we want to help you celebrate your employees' consistent journey. Our goal is to help motivate you to start this campaign, reward your employees' efforts in being vulnerable, and share the power of emotional fluency with the world.

Together we can show the world the power of free expression, spark light during what may be a dark time, and unapologetically share our truth with the world.

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