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FitPros Introduces Wellbeing App Integrating Live Virtual Sessions and Challenges

Updated: Jan 15

As a leading provider of corporate wellness solutions, FitPros, is excited to announce the launch of its holistic wellbeing app for Android and iOS. In addition, to the live-streamed wellbeing program, employees can participate in various competitions with their colleagues, such as hydration, sleep, and movement, as well as participation check-in challenges. As a company that prides itself on making wellbeing accessible, the FitPros app is driving the communal connection that employees worldwide are constantly yearning for.

Features Include:

  • Event Calendar - Host all of your wellness activities in one place. Employees can register, join, and check in directly from the app.

  • FitPros LIVE - Virtual sessions hosted on Zoom that take place twice a day, every other day.

  • Challenges - Host competitions in which employees earn badges. We can coordinate prizes, cost of goods or gift cards will apply.

  • Push Notifications - Boost participation in events and challenges using notifications delivered to employees’ smartphones.

  • Onsite & Virtual Check-Ins - Employees can check in during in-person and virtual events, perfect for tracking attendance and holding check-in challenges.

  • Social Feed - With this community-building feature colleagues can share their achievements, wellness content, and excitement about upcoming events.

Founded in 2016, one of FitPros Core Values includes “make wellbeing accessible.” FitPros Founder and CEO, Lindsay Johnson said, We developed an app, not to become just another challenge app platform but to make our holistic service offerings available to employees wherever they are”.

The app purchase includes the FitPros LIVE streaming platform. Not only will employees have the ability to participate in challenges with their colleagues, but they will also have access to live-streamed sessions that are taking place twice daily, every other day of the week through 2023, and the number of available sessions will increase in 2024. Live sessions include Fitness Classes, Health Talk speaker-led sessions, and Team-Building events. You can check out what’s planned for Q3 2023 HERE.

In today's fast-paced work environment, fostering employee engagement is essential for companies to thrive. FitPros COO, Andrew Johnson shared that “In addition to being asked for challenges in our seven years in business, 72% of FitPros clients are actively coordinating fitness challenges”.

Wanting to be budget conscious many companies resort to tracking challenges in spreadsheets which adds unnecessary work on the Benefits team. Whereas an app helps gamify the employee experience and foster camaraderie within the company. Employees can add comments, give ‘likes’, and earn badges. "By adding the additional value of our core services through FitPros LIVE we are confident our app offers a unique differentiator to other app platforms on the market" Johnson added.

Boosting Employee Engagement

The event calendar functionality allows employers to schedule and organize a wide range of wellness events, such as fitness classes, speaker-led workshops, and team-building sessions. By providing a convenient platform for employees to access and participate in these events, the FitPros app encourages active involvement and promotes a sense of community within the workplace. Studies found that Americans check their phones on average 96 times per day or once every ten minutes!

Interactive Challenges for Improved Health

One of the most exciting aspects of the FitPros app is the inclusion of interactive challenges designed to enhance employees' overall health and wellbeing. These challenges provide a gamified experience, allowing employees to compete with each other and themselves, fostering a friendly and motivating environment. This not only boosts individual wellness but also encourages team collaboration leading to a healthier and more connected workforce.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface

FitPros has meticulously designed the app to ensure a seamless user experience across both Android and iOS platforms. The intuitive interface makes navigation effortless, enabling employees to access all the features the app has to offer easily. The app's seamless integration with a company's wellness program ensures effortless implementation, making it a valuable addition to ease a benefit’s team planning.

Data-Driven Insights for Employers

In addition to empowering employees, employers will receive data-driven insights to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their wellness initiatives. FitPros analytics dashboard offers real-time data on employee participation, engagement levels, and overall wellness trends. This information will enable employers to make data-backed decisions, refine their wellness strategies, and demonstrate the impact of their investments in employee wellbeing.

Utilization of the App is a one-year commitment with unlimited challenges and is priced per the number of employees within the company.

FitPros understands the importance of fostering a culture of wellness and aims to empower employees on their wellness journeys while creating a connected and engaged workforce. With the FitPros app, companies can take their wellness initiatives to new heights, driving better health outcomes and improved employee satisfaction. Embrace the future of corporate wellness with FitPros!


FitPros is a turn-key wellness provider empowering people to take charge of their personal health.

Contact FitPros to diversify your company’s wellbeing offerings and help employees meet their health & fitness goals.


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