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Holiday Office Party Going Virtual?

Before you know it, the holiday season will be in full swing—and if you're like many of our corporate clients, you’re wondering how other companies will celebrate this year. For the safety of your employees, big group gatherings still do not sound like a wise idea. So, what else can you do to ensure your employees know that you appreciate their hard work - especially after one of the most challenging years in our history?

Sheltering in Place does not have to mean that this year’s holiday festivities are canceled. On the contrary, in this blog we share lots of ideas on how to safely celebrate. Keep in mind that as easy as a “Virtual Happy Hour” party is to plan, it may not be as meaningful to people that do not drink, and the screen time will just feel like another work meeting. Ensure that your virtual party is designed with intention and inclusivity.

So, does that mean that the 2020 holiday season is going to be any less-busy without in-person office parties—not likely. There are still trees to be dressed, gifts to order, and Santa-tastic movies to stream. Get ahead of all the hustle and bustle by planning your virtual office holiday party paired with a home delivered Care Package.

What’s a holiday themed Care Package you ask? Much like our Wellness Care Packages, a Holiday Care Package is packed with snacks and items of your choice. The items in the Package can be branded with your company logo, as well as the box it arrives in. Some items to choose from compliment a virtual holiday office party. Such as an ingredient or an apron for a Cooking Class, exercise band for a Fitness Class or paint set for a Painting Class. Email to learn how to send holiday cheer directly to your staff’s doorstep.

FitPros Virtual Holiday Activities

Winter Delight Cooking Class

The weather outside may be frightful, but these recipes will leave you feeling delightful! Learn how to make comfort foods with minimal and (mostly :) healthy ingredients that prove a delicious meal doesn't need to be difficult. The grocery list and recipes for the holiday themed dishes will be shared in advance.

Family Festive Cooking Class

The holidays are the perfect time to bond with the family in the kitchen. Grab a step stool for your Junior Chef and prepare to make memories. The grocery list and recipes for kid friendly dishes will be shared in advance.

Santa’s Cookie Crew Cooking Class

Donner and Blitzen are sure to sneak Santa’s tasty treats this year. Explore some of the holiday seasons cookie favorites. Receive tips from a FitPro on which kinds of cookies freeze well, how to store them, and substitutions along the way.

Trim the Tree Trivia

Your FitPro game show host will entertain while posing classic holiday questions built into our virtual trivia platform to encourage a light-hearted yet competitive and educational activity.

Reindeer Games Bingo

Who’s going to lead the team with a red nose? In this homebound BINGO game employees are timed to collect items around their home to complete a line on the BINGO board.

Poinsettia & Partridge Paint Class

Learn to sketch or paint holiday icons either using materials from the home, like paper and pencil, you can purchase paints online or better yet, send a paint set as a gift in a FitPros home delivered Care Package. This fun filled activity will bring your team together for artistic and comic relief.

Ugly Spandex Fitness Class

Let’s crank up the holiday tunes, put on our ugliest sweater or spandex and get your fitness on. The perfect complement to the cookies we’ll be eating, right? Choose your favorite exercise class or meditation and encourage your staff to participate in shameless holiday fun.

TALK: Healthy Holiday Cooking & Mindful Indulging

As the holidays approach, the sweets, treats and festivities are abundant. How can you enjoy the holidays and take care of your health simultaneously? Learn how to cook for the holidays with delicious ingredient swaps and new recipes that everyone will love. We'll also explore mindful eating and how it is possible to indulge in some holiday delights without the guilt.

TALK: Maintain Your Sanity This Holiday Season: 3 Keys to Pause and Navigate Challenges

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. This year maintain your sanity by utilizing tools that offer clarity during chaos. Discover the power of pause and how it helps navigate stress and expand your capacity. Learn EI (Emotional Intelligence) tools to implement immediately to navigate challenges during the holiday and beyond.

TALK: Thanks a Lot: Why Gratitude Matters & How to Express It

We hear that gratitude is good for our mental and even our physical wellbeing, yet it doesn’t come naturally to many people. How do we express gratitude in a way that feels authentic? In this one-hour workshop we explore what gratitude is (and isn’t!), what it can look like at work and in life, and ultimately how we can foster a sense of gratitude in a way that feels resonant and makes an actual difference.

Just looking for some ideas to plan a virtual social hour on your own? Then check these out!

Of course, we hope that it’s in addition to your FitPros hosted activity.

Christmas Around the World Party

Festivities vary greatly across the globe: in regions of southern Italy, a seafood-centered meal is prepared on Christmas Eve; in China, loved ones exchange an apple; and in Denmark, a traditional rice pudding—called risalamande—is served. For a fun twist on the traditional potluck, ask each of your employees to choose a different country, research the holiday cuisines there, and cook one of the dishes for your virtual holiday party where employees enjoy their meal and discuss what they learned about the country.

Petmas Party

Why should our furry friends miss out on the season's festivities? Dress your pooch in his or her holiday best and ask employees to do the same for a doggone cute virtual holiday fun.

Christmas Lights Tour

Want to get a group together for some holiday fun but tired of doing it virtually? Hit the town to check out Christmas lights and decorations instead. Have everyone meet in a festive neighborhood, then head out to slowly cruise in cars and enjoy the sights.

Christmas Costume Party

Who says you can only have a costume party on Halloween? This year, skip the sequins and suits and join a virtual conference dressed as a character from their favorite Christmas movie.

In conclusion, people are craving socialization more than ever before. Your team’s health and wellbeing while celebrating this holiday season can be achieved through safe virtual activities and complemented with a tangible gift delivered to their home to enjoy with their family. The FitPros team will look forward to helping you navigate the 2020 holiday season.

Intrigued to learn FitPros' celebrate the holiday season virtually?

Email or book time to speak with a Wellbeing Manager here.


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