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Organizational Change Management Ensures Employees Are On The Bandwagon

In every evolving business, change happens. It must happen to show that your company is committed to growth, and you have what it takes to stay relevant and competitive. At first, change can be daunting, and some employees will have a harder time adapting.

Does your company’s change management plan support employees when things become challenging?

Countless factors make change inevitable. Think of technological advancements, globalization, cultural shifts, and shifting economies. Here are some prime examples of where businesses can expect change:

  • Introducing new software tools

  • Shifts in strategy

  • New marketing practices

  • Business processes

  • Corporate restructure

  • Leadership changes

  • Company Culture

  • Budget constraints

This is where Organizational Change Management (OCM) comes into the picture. OCM drives successful adoption when change happens within the business. It allows employees to understand the shift, and work effectively during it. You’ll never hear a company leader say that they enjoy spending time in the “red,” or that their goal is to grow stale. Embracing change is a requirement.

Now the big question is how do you ensure all of your employees are on the bandwagon?

From a manager's perspective, an employee’s resistance to change can be one of the most frustrating obstacles. From the employee's perspective, what you are asking them to do may feel like more trouble than it’s worth. They are skeptical, and lack the buy-in, typically because they have not been shown what’s in it for them. Some employees joined your team because they trust leadership, and believe in the vision, but others need more one-on-one attention. I have found that those who don’t know, or don’t understand your company’s vision contaminate other’s faith in the company if it’s not addressed in an appropriate and timely manner.

One of the challenges of an OCM plan is when people don’t want to change. Believe it or not, most employees want to feel that they are a part of the change process. If they are not, they feel out of the loop, and they don’t understand what and why the change is happening. When people resist change, it can lead to decreased productivity and job satisfaction. Change management minimizes the risk of unintentional or incorrect changes, allowing you to ensure that everyone is aware of the change, and its benefits.

Since 2016 FitPros has supported the wellbeing needs of millions of employees at Fortune 500 enterprises, and early-stage, 50-person small businesses alike. We offer credentialed, holistic guidance on hundreds of topics from mental health, financial wellbeing, professional growth, and physical health and fitness, delivered to over 30 countries, and in multiple languages.

Through it all, we have refined our ability to provide compelling motivation for change, support resources during adoption, and guidance in maintaining long-term morale and behavioral consistency. At the heart of everything we do is empowering employees to make positive changes to reach their professional and personal goals.

With FitPros’ evolving effort to support the needs of our client’s mission, policies, and procedures, it is a natural next step for us to officially begin offering Organizational Change Management as part of our service options for 2023.

FitPros has proudly grown, diversified, and refined our speaker and instructor roster of professionals (aka our “Pros”) who deliver our sessions. This means the educators we put in front of your employees are all confirmed rock stars. They are the best of the best. In 2022, we implemented FitPros University, a rigorous training program in which our vetted professionals must meet specific requirements in order to continue being included on our roster of Pros.

Below are a few of our newest FitPros, specializing in Organizational Change Management:

Dr. Ed Barron has extensive and relevant experience in large-scale organization process design and redesign, process management, and change management. He has been involved in numerous large-scale change projects including redesigning regional support efforts for a multi-national conference organization with a revenue budget of $100 million. He also led the curricular redesign of an accredited collegiate master’s program.

Eva Garza’s background in architecture, change management, and economic development, combined with 20+ years of corporate real estate experience, allow her to develop highly effective workplace strategies. She excels at integrating business processes with design principles to create dynamic and engaging workplaces. Throughout her career Eva has successfully supported the roll-out of cutting-edge agile work policies and global standards, achieving optimization as well as enabling clients to ‘future proof’ their workspaces

Marissa Huber is part of the Americas Strategic Consulting Group and has an extensive background in Interior Design, Space Planning, Project Management, Occupancy Planning, Change Management and Workplace Strategy. Her expertise helps clients create thoughtful solutions based on their specific and unique needs.

Ogbe Airiodion is a former United States Marine (Staff Judge Advocate Office), and a Senior Change Management Consultant who brings an extensive level of change management expertise. He applies a hands-on and collaborative approach to planning, designing, socializing, and implementing change management deliverables to help change behaviors, cultures, and change adoptions to ensure projects reach their key KPIs, in partnership with project teams, HR, management, and key stakeholders.


FitPros is a turn-key wellness provider empowering people to take charge of their personal health.

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