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What's New Spotlight: August 2021

As wellness continues to evolve, FitPros is dedicated to providing you with new and relevant topics and activities for your employees. Find out what’s new this month:


Rethinking the Return to Work: Supporting Employee Engagement

As teams return to work and navigate a reset at the organizational level, anxiety will be a normal response and looks different for every person. In this workshop, leaders will learn the three psychological conditions necessary in the workplace for employee engagement to thrive. Participants will gain insight to practical tools used to open up communication channels with teams and questions to consider utilizing as they design a new environment where employees feel supported and able to harness their full potential.

Crush epic goals: Whatever you think... think bigger!

Everyone wants a plan to get ahead. How do you set really big goals without self sabotaging yourself? How can you think bigger and actually knock it out of the park? Attendees get on track with in this workshop and learn how to, give their brain a clearer target, stop the unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage, develop habits that create consistent action, stop misdirecting their imagination toward worry and follow a simple plan that cannot fail. Attendees leave this workshop perfect to shed limits and go big!


Our Health Fairs give employers an opportunity to put multiple different products and wellness solutions (15+ vendors) front and center for employees. FitPros has filled our client’s Health Fairs with massage therapists, nutritionists and clinicians, that all increase awareness about their specialty services and offer on the spot consultations. Additionally, exhibitors may include wellness technologies and interactive displays, such as live exercise and cooking demos.

We pride ourselves on our ability to make Health Fairs engaging, educational and fun. We do so by making our Health Fairs 100% interactive and requiring our vendors to do the same! Learn how you can bring an onsite fair to your workplace and employees today!


Contact a Wellbeing Manager today to schedule these activities and learn about other offerings available.

Visit to find additional activities available.


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