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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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What's New Spotlight: July 2021

As wellness continues to evolve, FitPros is dedicated to providing you with new and relevant topics and activities for your employees. Find out what’s new this month:

Celebrate Parent's Day on July 25th!

Stress Management Strategies for Working Parents - Pandemic & Beyond

Parenting is undoubtedly one of the most stressful jobs out there. In this talk, participants will receive education related to sources of stress, common symptoms, and actionable strategies for effective stress management during COVID-19 and beyond

Foodie Family Cooking Class

In this family cooking demo your whole family will be empowered with ways to nourish your body and have the energy to do the things you love! Our chef has a knack for making healthy food fun and interesting for kids and parents alike. We will also make family favorites that can be customized to each person’s taste buds. Feel free to cook alongside and get feedback as you go, or just try out the recipes later and watch the live cooking show as it unfolds with your friends and colleagues.


Time Management Leadership Series

We all want an opportunity to be our best in our work, but often with a to-do list a mile long it feels like we may never catch up. In this leadership series, individual employees will learn the importance of shifting toward alignment for better work/life balance, utilizing purpose to connect with the greater organizational mission, and understand how to consider their personal goals as motivation for greater effectiveness in both work and life. Participants will learn action-oriented tactics for managing time, energy, and unlocking moments of optimal performance (flow) at work. In the final session, learn how to connect productivity to actionable steps for accomplishing more in a day through frameworks designed as a foundation for high performing leaders.

Session 1: Work/Life Balance: Shifting to Alignment in Our Roles Is work/life balance a myth? In this session we break down how leaders can embrace a more clear picture of their roles in both work and life, considering alignment as a counterbalance for competing priorities. Breaking down personal values and connecting purpose to work tasks, individuals will consider how an integrated approach to work and life, and clear understanding of their overall wellness in those areas, creates space for showing up authentically in all you do and contributes to a whole person approach to self-leadership. Key leadership topics: Values Alignment, Work/Life Balance, Whole Leader Development

Session 2: Energy & Engagement: Unlocking Your Flow for Better Time Management

Actively engaged employees are able to match their skills and strengths to the challenges in front of them for greater efficacy and achievement at work. Through time tracking and management strategies introduced in this session, we can better recognize how we utilize energy, find full engagement, and even unlock flow for optimal performance through better work/life balance. Participants will have the opportunity to consider their own level of engagement and develop time blocking strategies that help to focus on greater consistency in how they approach their workload to maximize their workday and avoid a common pitfall—burnout.

Key leadership topics: Time Management, Task Engagement, and Flow

Session 3: Becoming a Productive Leader: Staying Focused on the Important Work Learn how to use the motivation trifecta (autonomy, mastery, and purpose) in your commitment to showing up and doing your best, and most productive, work in any context. As we consider high performance strategies to stay focused and be more engaged, participants will leave with actionable steps for leveraging all they have learned about balance, time management, and productivity with the commitment to taking action today for overall well-being both personally and professionally. Key leadership topics: Motivation theory, Actionable Prioritization, High Performance


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