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What's New Spotlight: October 2021

As wellness continues to evolve, FitPros is dedicated to providing you with new and relevant topics and activities for your employees. Find out what’s new this month:


Bring your team together to make lasting memories this Fall with our new, one-of-a-kind virtual experiences perfectly fit to celebrate the sp00ky season.

Join Boston-based Flix&Cheers as you create cocktails inspired by the iconic spy himself. This 1-hour virtual experience includes kits shipped with all the ingredients (liquor included!) to make 4 different martinis, ranging from the Classic Dry martini, to the cinematic Vesper, and our own Tiffany Diamonds. The best part? Each kit creates at least 6 servings of the designated cocktails, so you can enjoy the martinis again after class. We provide you with fresh ingredients, not syrups or pre-made mixes, and we’ve developed unique recipes that can’t be found anywhere else!

Our 1-hour virtual experience provides basic mixology training accompanied by education on the history of the martini, as well as the spirits and liquors used in the cocktails. Be your own bartender and Cheers!

Get real with Doughp founder, Kelsey Moreira — Shark Tank alumni & Forbes 30 Under 30 — as she shares the scoop on her cookie dough business and its mission to make the world a little sweeter. With a home-delivered cookie dough kit, your employees will get the raw experience in two ways! As Kelsey shares her personal experience with mental health & addiction recovery, she'll create space for employees to let loose and open up with a "Raw Truth Game" - where vulnerability meets fun, all while eating yummy Doughp! Life is raw. Cookie dough helps.

Luna Park’s unique live-hosted game show experience counters the physical and emotional gaps faced by global teams in the virtual workspace. Colleagues will have the ability to build relationships and trust as they work together during this immersive event.

The experience lasts roughly 1 hour and is built around a series of mini-games that require teams to collaborate with each other while solving challenges and answering questions. Subjects run the gamut from STEM to Pop Culture to General Knowledge. We consult with each client in advance to ensure the content matches your expectations and culture.

No downloads are required for this experience. At the time of the event, participants from your organization will click a link in the calendar invite, choose a username, and join a team. We take it from there to ensure everyone has a great time!

Just in time for Halloween, here are some seasonally themed mini-games to choose from:

Nightmare in Springfield - Some of the most popular Simpsons episodes are the yearly Halloween specials: Treehouse of Horror. These episodes often pay homage to famous horror films. Players must name those movies based on a clip from the show.

Pay Attention - Iconic movie scenes are iconic for a reason. You may think you know these famous scenes, but how many details did you really capture? In this Halloween-themed edition, players will have to "pay attention" to everything they see and hear.

Mad-Gab-Ificiation - We’ve taken famous scenes from horror movies and replaced the dialogue with “Mad-Gab-Ified” words. Mad-Gab works best if you try sounding out the words. This is a take on the classic game Mad Gab.

How Many Kruegers? - Freddy Krueger haunts our nightmares, and he can pop up anywhere. In this game, Freddy’s face will literally pop up all over the place, and players must keep track of how many Kruegers they see.

As we continue to navigate pandemic life many of us experience discouragement followed by hope followed by discouragement again. The constant pivoting and ongoing uncertainty and effortful optimism can be deeply exhausting. How do we show up to work with focus and motivation? How do we show up to our people with love and compassion? How do we endure this moment and get to a finish line we can’t currently see? In this 1-hour workshop, we will discuss the range of ways our energy can be impacted by current events, start where we are, and discuss practical tools for moving forward to sustainable energy and wellbeing.

This informative talk is delivered by a licensed physician whose discipline is focused on advanced knowledge of biology, engineering and medicine to improve human health. Infectious diseases are caused by organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi; the diseases can be spread, directly or indirectly, from one person to another. The talk provides clarity as to how infectious diseases spread and why some outbreaks cause greater panic than others; for example, COVID-19 vs Influenza. Employees will learn how they can adjust their day-to-day routine to lower their chances of contracting and spreading disease.

Try our 2-week FitPros Racery Challenge! Your employees will race across the U.S., entering their favorite exercise – walking, strength training, dancing, swimming, running, biking, etc. – conveniently on an app or desktop. You can also include non-fitness activities, like drinking water or meditation. Participants receive a digital bib and finishers certificate. Compete individually or in teams. Teammates can nudge each other with a chat feature and view the leaderboard for some fun, healthy competition.

Curious about the history of origami? Want to experience some of the benefits of origami such as improved behavioral skills, cooperative learning skills, and cognitive development? Learn all of the above and more in this workshop and all participants will get to create origami using nothing but paper from around their house!


Contact a Wellbeing Manager today to add these activities to your wellness calendar!

Visit to find additional Health Talks, Fitness Classes, and social engagement activities available for your team.


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