Why Property Managers Need Onsite Wellness 


Property Managers are experiencing the same challenge that Employers are, finding ways to appeal to the transient people in today’s modern America. Little do they both know, they can help one another. Corporations are flocking to buildings that help them attract and retain talent, and they are striving to provide a workplace environment that enables their employees to do their best work, according to Recruiterbox. Property Managers who help Corporations retain employees subsequently retain tenants (yes it is that simple).


We don’t have to tell you, maintaining and managing a property is hard work and opportunities are dropped on your door daily. Onsite Wellness is a fantastic opportunity to bring tenants together and increase the sense of community in your building. As an experienced Manager you are well aware that people will stay if they feel comfortable with and connected to their neighbors.



Wellness offerings not only bring people together and make them happier, but also allow them to implement health into their day, live longer, and in turn stay in your building longer. As a Property Manager you have the opportunity to make people’s lives just a little bit better every day of the week. FitPros knows you do not take that responsibility lightly, and we ask you to let us enhance and supplement all that you are already doing for your beloved tenants.

FitPros is a leading Wellness Provider for office, residential and retail properties. We take care of all logistics for our property management client’s onsite programs including but not limited to; certificate of insurance, analyses of your space, planning, implementing, marketing materials and compensation to contractors.

FitPros is a Wellness Service Provider That Brings Health and Fitness Direct to Properties


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How FitPros Makes Property Manager's Lives Easier




Designing and building spaces for amenities can be expensive and time-consuming. Luckily FitPros can be very creative with whatever space you have. FitPros will not only evaluate your space but also consult you on what wellness offerings will be most effective in your square footage.



FitPros understands your job is Full-Time and you may not have the capacity to research, organize, promote, and implement wellness offerings at your building. Let us offload your plate and manage all wellness related responsibilities.


FitPros’ app allows your tenants to easily sign up for, and see notifications about each activity they have chosen to participate in - in real time! Additionally, FitPros understands it is important to measure your ROI and our app lets you do so.

As a property manager you might think you don’t need onsite Wellness but...


but don't worry...



According to David Hirst, “The [property management] industry needs to step back and decide that [wellness] is the landlord’s responsibility, and this aspect is the occupier’s responsibility, and we do this together, but not one party can do it all.” -David Hirst, chair of real estate and private markets’ sustainability workgroup at UBS Asset Management.


Studies prove consistent, multi-faceted wellbeing programs build camaraderie and commitment within their communities, which heightens productivity, decreases absenteeism, and lowers healthcare costs. 


Investing in the health of your tenants will help you maintain a competitive edge while also supporting your demographic’s work-life balance. FitPros will deliver wellness solutions that target your total population and subsequently benefit your bottom line.



Reg Clodfelter in Built for Wellness highlights when Wright Heerema Architects helped in the wellness-focused renovation of 200 W. Jackson, a 29-story office building in Chicago. The renovation paid off too! The building owner not only signed a flurry of leases, after the project’s completion but also noticed that the building occupancy was brought up from less than 50% (in 2015) to 81% by the fall of 2017. With that in mind, FitPros is not asking you to renovate (spend a ton of money) we are asking you to let us implement wellness offerings that give you the same benefits as the above case study.


Why Wellness Matters