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Self Defense Workshop

Self Defense training has been shown to improve employee discipline and morale, and to enhance teamwork. Feelings of weakness, social anxiety, and concern for one’s safety can cause stress on an entire employee group. 
In this course, students will learn physical training techniques, as well as psychological awareness and verbal skills. Students are taught awareness, how to assess a situation, how to communicate clearly, and how to employ physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks.

Example Self Defense Seminar

  1. Preparedness

    • All assailants have a plan

    • Killing, robbing, etc.

    • Living in the inner city, partying in the city you have to be prepared

    • Do you really think complex combinations of motions work on assailants?

    • While walking, hand placement across face or even in the cell phone talking position to protect the neck

    • Carrying your keys as a weapon

    • Being physically fit and sharp is to your advantage

  2. Awareness

    1. Knowing your surroundings to make safe choices

    • You don’t go to Prison to meet a date for wine and cheese

    • Making the correct choices:  calling security in the dark when leaving work, taking safe way home, parking close to home or where there is well-lit space

  3. Attitude

    • Surprising opponent, thus creating a window for either of you to escape

    • NOT one strike incapacitation of assailant

  4. Courage

    • Courage to take action takes practice

      • Practice = better chance to react and act

  5. Body Language

    • Draw line in the sand with your posture.

    • Proactively display awareness by maintaining a 20-foot distance

    • Pose with lead hand signaling “stop” and rear hand cocked for defense

  6. First Importance Techniques:  The choke and rear bear hug

    • Choke defense

    • Rear Bear Hug Defense

      • These two situations are imperative to be able to defend.  Having the arms or bare neck pinned in these situations is a dangerous and difficult predicament to maneuver out of.

  7. Strikes

    • Palm or Punch

      • Most people only use dominant hand to strike

        • HARDLY using combinations

      • Keep weak hand extended for Claw or Grab

        • To Grab or Claw as you strike with your dominant hand until in position to run

      • Knee is somewhat advanced

        • Kicking in groin and eye gouging is a “wing and a prayer”, hardly ever working.

      • Aggressive movement works

        • “putting a wrench” in the assailant’s plan works

        • Floppy fish are hard to grab, and the attitude to self-defense is similar:  there is no technique to incapacitate the opponent.

      • Surprise the assailant so either of you have a window of time to  escape.

  8. Knife and Gun Defenses

    • Gun - grabbing the chamber/cylinder to keep revolver cylinder of revolver, or palm on hammer

      • 2-part technique:  entrance to deflect, and lock to disarm

      • Better to just give wallet

    • Knife - deflect and run

      • Knives are typically concealed at an assailant’s side, not overhead like the movies

        • Deflect with outside lower arm

          • Take the back and run

        • Control stabbing hand (keeping low and controlling backwards)

² Self-defense is a 90 minute verbal and physical, hands-on workshop. The rate is higher than a standard fitness class.

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