Workplace Wellness Offerings to Recruit and Retain


Engage your total population with WELLNESS 

solutions that offer something for everyone.


At a Glance

FitPros was established to bring health and fitness industry experts to your office, providing indispensable wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.

No different than hiring vendor services that are common to your industry, strategic wellness planning and implementation should be handled by health and fitness professionals who have distinct resources and experience.

With FitPros taking the reins of your wellness program, you can focus on your core business with healthier, more productive employees that are committed for the long haul.


*FitPros asks that you please book all offerings at least ONE month in advance. Though all our teachers and speakers are phenomenal, we want to ensure that the FitPro whom conducts your offering is a good culture fit, and that you have enough time to utilize the internal marketing materials we create to boost participation. We want your offering to be successful, adequate lead time makes this possible.

Ready to meet your company's wellness goals?