Spring Clean Diet!

March 9, 2018


Spruce Up Your Spring with a Spring-Clean Diet


Now that Spring is here and the sun is peeking out, we tend to notice things we need to throw out, swap-out, or keep. Clothes, books, furniture always seem to grab our attention for a “Spring cleaning.” Yet spring cleaning does not have to be just about rearranging your old clothes, they can apply to the contents of your refrigerator and your everyday food decisions. Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, you can leave work while the sun is still brightly shining and start your spring cleaning process. Spring is the season to thaw out of your old habits and grow new ones. So say goodbye to your winter slumber and try these Spring clean diet suggestions.


Just like cleaning out your closet, it’s time to think about throwing out unneeded foods from your diet. This includes the last remnants of your winter holiday treats such as all those pies, cakes, cookies, and canes. Time to give the extraneous calories the boot by eliminating all the holiday additives, sugars, and starchy carbohydrates found in your favorite winter dishes. Don’t forget variety of sugary drinks or hard liquors we may have enjoyed at the work parties and family gatherings. These are empty calories and carbohydrates that we don’t need. Alcohol does enough havoc on the liver, so embrace the Traditional Chinese Medicine belief