Black History Month - Opportunities to Learn

February 6, 2019


At FitPros, we believe that diversity is one of the best parts of living in American society, but in this political climate our differences have been thrust into the spotlight. This gives us two options, try to deny that different groups of people have different experiences living in the same country or embrace that fact and really lean into learning about, understanding, and building empathy and community around those differences. Just because we are different does not mean that we can’t get along and what better time than Black History Month embark on this community-building endeavor?


With that in mind, we at FitPros have taken the time to compile a list of notable Black History Month events in major cities. The list itself is not comprehensive in any way but is meant to be a starting point for those seeking knowledge.


San Francisco Bay Area


Oakland Museum of California's Question Series: Black Males Exhibit

- Running Through February 25th