Why should you implement CSR activities into your workplace?

April 10, 2019


Though the FitPros team hopes you and your employees always have a sense of social responsibility, we are truly pushing our community to take advantage of FitPros' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunities during the "Giving Seasons." 


Why is CSR important to incorporate into your workplace at all? If the simple betterment of society is not enough of a reason for you, please also take into consideration that, companies who choose to partake in CSR programs have the opportunity to exponentially better themselves and their employees, while also ticking their philanthropy box. Please see the following list of benefits that NIBUSINESSINFO.CO.UK has researched and found to be achieved by companies with CSR programs in place:


  1. Better Brand Recognition

  2. Positive Business Reputation

  3. Increased Sales and Customer Loyalty

  4. Operational Costs Savings

  5. Better Financial Performance

  6. Greater Ability to Attract talent and Retain Staff

  7. Organizational Growth

  8. Easier Access to Capital


I know what you are thinking… “employees should do volunteer work on their own personal time, not on company time.” Unfortunately, if one breaks down a person’s typical workday, as follows, there is limited time to squeeze volunteer work in. Most employees (to remain healthy) stick to the following schedule:


  1. Wake up, get ready and eat breakfast - the most important meal of the day- (add one hour)

  2. Commute to work (add one hour)

  3. Work (add 9 hours or more)

  4. Commute home (add one hour)

  5. Workout (add one hour)

  6. Make dinner (add one hour)

  7. Get the recommended amount of sleep (add 8 hours)


*This only leaves your employees with two hours to themselves to decompress, spend time with family, pay bills and/or run errands etc.


Are you still not convinced they don’t have enough time? According to Leigh Stringer (author of The Healthy Workplace), workers in the United States and Canada clock in 17,005 work hours a year… many of them also put in extra unbooked hours. A survey put out by Good Technology, found that 80% of Americans say that they spend 7 extra hours a week (30 extra hours a month) checking emails and answering phone calls after hours. I know what you may be thinking, ‘our employees only work X hours (typically 40) a week,’ but with the development of mobile phones people have access to work 24/7 and unfortunately (yes UNFORTUNATELY) they are often times taking advantage of this. The reason I bring it up, is to drive home the point, your employees do not have time to volunteer when they are outside of the office!


Alright now that we have established the benefits you as a company will receive if you incorporate CSR programs into your office, and that your employees do not have time to commit to volunteering on their own, let’s move onto the positive health implications your employees' will receive if they have access to CSR opportunities at work. According to, Employee reactions to corporate social responsibility: an organizational justice framework, your employee’s perception of their companies CSR efforts directly impacts their emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. Meaning, if your employees do not trust that you as an employer are supporting their social responsibility, their mental health will suffer and as FitPro Geraldine Chiarmonte says, “an emotional imbalance becomes a chemical imbalance.”


You have been patient, and because of that, here is a parting note that every employer should know: