5 Small Changes that Can Have a Big Effect on Your Morning Routine - Better Sleep and Meditation Month



By now you’ve probably read enough articles detailing the importance of a healthy morning routine. Tim Ferriss has built his career on it and you could argue that some of the world’s most successful leaders leverage their strict morning routines to increase productivity tenfold and achieve greatness. And why wouldn’t they-- it’s a mathematical fact that waking up at 4:30 a.m. will give you more hours in the day to accomplish whatever tasks you’ve laid out. I know I for one struggle to achieve all I’ve laid ahead in my day and I sometime urge myself to simply make the switch and be one of those early risers to get ahead on my goals.


But what about the majority of us that struggle with stacking our mornings with healthy choices such as yoga or a workout, meditation and preparing a healthy, balanced breakfast? For the average working American, it can be quite the challenge to simply not hit snooze several times before finally rolling out of bed and subsequently bulldozing through the rest of your morning tasks so you can sit stressed AF in traffic and sneak behind your desk just before 9.


I know this because that used to be what my morning routine looked like.