"Transference" and how Childhood Experiences Affect Workplace Decisions: Family Wellness Month

May 3, 2019

According to My Therapist Match, "Through interactions with their parents and siblings, people form opinions about the world around them that they will likely carry all of their lives. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the family dynamics a person experienced in childhood can have a serious impact on how that person later interacts with his or her boss and other coworkers. Often, through a process that psychologists call “transference,” people cast their coworkers into roles from their childhood and re-enact the same sorts of situations they experienced as children."


What are you doing to reverse some of the negative experiences your employees have gone through? Are you putting resources in place that ensure their past does not impact how they interact with their boss and coworkers? If not, FitPros provides a gamut of wellness offerings that can be utilized to ensure your employees are happier and healthier which inturn heightens their productivity and reduces turnover. Don't think it is necessary to implement mental health support into your company culture? Employees who scored low on "life satisfaction" stayed home from work 1.25 more days per month than those with higher scores, adding up to about 15 additional days off per year. Additionally, approximately 80% of people are not ready to take action to change their health behaviors at any given time, (Management Research). This means often times if your employees are "unsatisfied" they are unable or unwilling to access resources that can help them, therefore, employee mental health often falls on workplace leadership. FitPros hopes to support you by providing onsite 1:1 therapy sessions, Health Talks, Fireside chats, Panel Discussions and more. 


Heather Coros, M.A., is a FitPro certified transformational