How to make your Wellness Program 'work'

June 4, 2019

This article was inspired by EBN’s white paper titled “Do you know the signs that your employees are struggling? Lindsay Bailey (FitPros CEO & Founder) specifically encourages you to listen to the key takeaway “Think Holistically Many employers think offering voluntary benefits is like checking a box – something that can be done quickly and without much deliberation. However, programs without thoughtful preparation are rarely successful in terms of education, enrollment and satisfaction. Voluntary benefits should be considered an integral part of the overall benefits package.


In the last two months there has been an influx of articles circulating among the HR community, that discredit and/or encourage HR leaders to doubt or cut their Wellness Programs entirely. This development is detrimental to their culture and in turn success. Think about it, the people (employees) who are affected by the elimination of Wellness Programs, are the people who are being asked to give their heart and sole to their company and work. If they aren’t happy and healthy, why would the business they are working for be?


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