How to manage stress with food, and your gut with stress!

July 15, 2019

Note From FitPros:

Whether you are an HR lead, Property Manager and/or employee, FitPros is always looking to share pertinent and innovative Health and Wellness information with you. Sun Genomics has truly stuck out to FitPros as an emerging company that has a strong pulse on how a person can manage their gut health. Additionally, after speaking with the Sun Geonomic's Staff FitPros is even more inclined to spread the word about how stress can truly have a damaging impact on your digestive system and how your digestive health can impact your stress levels.


Food and the Microbiome

Try to visualize the last time you thought, "Hmm... I wonder if washing these strawberries before I eat them will affect how angry I am." Chances are, unless you're a microbiologist who specializes in microbiome health, you've probably never thought about how the microbes in and on your food impact the way you feel.

The connection between the gut and the brain has existed for as long as humans have been eating food (think: when I'm hungry, I can't think straight or when I’m hungry, I get “hangry”). It's obvious to people that what we put inside our bodies affect the way we feel on a basic level. Few will be surprised when they hear that eating too much will make them feel bloated or eating too little will make them lose energy quicker. However, because of the ta