4 Ways to Encourage Coworkers to Work Out Together

November 13, 2019


Get your employees to not only engage in your wellness programs, but participate directly with each other.


Corporate wellness programs are not only beneficial for workplace health, they provide opportunities to strengthen culture, relationships and overall engagement. One of the greatest pieces of feedback we’ve received from clients, aside from variety and flexibility, is the ability for groups to work out with each other in settings outside of the workplace. Doing this facilitates a sense of connection and camaraderie amongst team members. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion commented on the importance of this very thing, “The compelling power of camaraderie is certainly not a novel concept, but perhaps it has nevertheless been undervalued or underemphasized in the promotion of physical activity. It seems like the business community is beginning to incorporate the idea into workplace wellness programs, and social gatherings like running clubs have certainly flourished…”


So, how