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You cannot achieve optimal health without taking care of your sleep. Poor sleep is deeply correlated with physical and mental elements of health such as obesity, heart risk, diabetes, and depression. It is a risk factor for a person’s whole health and wellbeing. Eight hours of good sleep can improve concentration and productivity, maximizes problem-solving skills,  enhances memory, and enriches social skills. 

The Productivity of Sleep

In the hustle culture of corporate America, employees often feel like their only choice is to compromise their sleep in order to be the most productive at work. However, the idea that sleep is "lost productivity" is the opposite of true. In this Health Talk, participants will learn the basics of sleep; the importance of sleep on productivity, attention, and decision-making; how to prevent sleep problems; and how to recognize and deal with sleep problems to ultimately become a more well-rested and productive employee.

Building a Better Sleep Routine

In this Health Talk, participants will be guided through a basic understanding of sleep as a biological requirement and why it is so crucial to our overall wellbeing. Participants will learn how insufficient sleep impacts brain health and productivity, mental health, metabolism and weight gain, heart health, and longevity. Participants will also walk away within depth-knowledge of sleep hygiene strategies, and specific techniques they can use to get a better night's rest.

So Long to Snoring and Sleep Apnea (Chris Chui)

This Health Talk will provide participants with an introduction to the causes of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea issues. The certified speaker will discuss how snoring and sleep apnea impact sleep, and how this loss of sleep can ultimately affect our daily lives. Participants will learn about the recommended steps to take and effective solutions to combat snoring and sleep apnea.

Talk Sleep; It’s More Than Counting Sheep!

Sixty million Americans suffer from insomnia, a condition that is known to cause negative health implications such as inflammation, obesity, chronic disease, and more. In this Health Talk, a certified professional will teach participants how to optimize their diet, daily habits, and lifestyle, to ensure they get the best night's rest possible. Participants will learn how different forms of stress present themselves and the various techniques that can be used to combat them; discover the nutrients and the best sleeping positions for a good night's rest; identify factors that disrupt sleep; and understand how hormones play a role in sleep.

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