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FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.

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Engagement Goals

Looking for new and creative team building ideas? It's time to put a twist on your next virtual or on-site event! FitPros activities are led by industry experts to engage and motivate employees while creating a culture of belonging.


Virtual Team Building Activities

Art Gallery Social Hour

Intuitive Painting

Cooking Demo

This one hour class teaches employees the fundamentals of drawing using materials from their own home (paper, pencil, markers, etc.) followed by a ‘show and tell’. This fun-filled activity is a great way to bring your team together for some artistic and comic relief! 

Art therapy can help us explore our emotions, enhance self-esteem, relieve stress, and improve symptoms of anxiety. Learn the ‘why’ behind colors and techniques, how to let go of expectations, and freely oneself. We suggest adding on a Care Package with a paint set for the full experience.

In this 30 or 60 minute virtual and live cooking class, your employees will whistle (and salivate) while they work. Your remote staff can watch from their computer and cook from their own kitchen. Grocery list and recipes shared in advance.

Wellness Trivia 

Your FitPro Game Show Host will entertain while posing wellness related questions that are built into our virtual trivia platform. This light-hearted competitive and educational activity is a great add on to your wellness program.   

Choose from several activity based challenges that will intrinsically encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors while adding a competitive spin. These can be played virtually for remote workers or live in your office. 

FitPros fitness classes are easily implemented into any space and they make health and wellness accessible to all.

A 30 or 60 minute informational Health Talk with a certified professional who inspires healthy living through a motivational discussion.

Choose from a variety of strategically selected items delivered directly to the home that can be paired with the aforementioned virtual social engagement activities to provide your staff with resources and team connectivity while working remotely. 

On-site Team Building


Paint Night

Led by an Art Teacher hosted at your location, FitPros brings all supplies to your office. Your team can work together to paint murals that get donated to a hospital, paintings you can keep at the office and individuals canvas’ they can take home - it’s your choice!

Experiencing knots in your neck? Tight hips or low back pain? In this 60 minute course learn to release muscle tension using self massage and sports tools, such as lacrosse balls and foam rollers.

FitPros provides all supplies needed and a credentialed mindfulness expert will lead employees through defining their goals and mapping out how to achieve them on a take home vision board. This can be a virtual workshop also, but for this your staff will need to get their own supplies or FitPros will deliver for an additional fee.

This workshop allows you to improve your employees' air quality and help them personalize their desks, all while also giving them a reason to come together with their colleagues, bond and practice mindfulness.

Self Defense training has been shown to improve employee discipline and morale, and to enhance teamwork. Learn both non-verbal and verbal techniques to defend yourself if ever found in a dangerous situation.

Gridiron Games

Fitness Challenge - think Spartan Race, adapted to the workplace!

The Wellness Warriors at your company are those who are excited about enhancing culture through leadership, strategy, and camaraderie. With a designated FitPros facilitator we will be the point of contact for your staff to directly learn how to spread the wellness word within your company. Think of it as a Personal Coach for your internal Warriors.

Wellness Fairs 

Unlike old-school, health fairs, FitPros throws a wellness party that is guaranteed to engage all employees! Read more about our on-site Health Fairs and procedures to ensure health and safety at in person events.

Bring your remote team together to learn, share, and celebrate health and wellbeing. Learn more on our virtual fair webpage, and care packages that compliment the virtual fun with tangible gifts and snacks.

Family and Kids

Engagement Activities

Whether your team wants to host family specific fitness classes with credentialed professionals who specialize in working with kids or kids specific fitness classes FitPros has got you! 

Puppet Show 

Your team can pre select a storyline based around a theme or the show can be improv style where the puppets ask questions of the audience which engages kids and families within an organization. 

Magic Show 

Abracadabra! This experience includes material specifically designed for virtual viewing with lots of personalized audience interaction. 

Why is CSR important to incorporate into your workplace? Companies who partake in CSR programs have the opportunity to help the community, make doing good accessible for employees, while ticking the corporate philanthropy box. Check out our CSR Webpage or read our blog to learn more. 

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