Virtual Wellness Challenges

FitPros’ Workplace Challenges engage employees in becoming happier, healthier, and more energetic at work. These activities will intrinsically encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors and can be played virtually for remote workers or live in your office. We provide the foundational challenge elements and give prize suggestions, but you can decide how many people win prizes and how you want to reward employees.

Wellness Challenge Offerings

Wellbeing Trivia

First select a program within each of our five Wellness Pillars - social, emotional, financial, professional, physical. Next, decide the date and time of each program. During the program our instructor will pose a trivia question. After employees have answers from each of the five programs they complete a Google Form to be entered into the prize drawing.

Fitness Class Riddles

This on-demand series of 5 Fitness Classes are riddled with quirky word challenges that encourage your staff to take the 30 minute class to solve the riddle and win a prize. The series consists of yoga, pilates, meditation, bodyweight bootcamp and cardio boxing. The convenience of recorded classes allows your staff to take the class at their convenience. After employees have answers from each of the five programs they complete a Google Form to be entered into the prize drawing.​

Who Kidnapped the Boss

Your Boss has been kidnapped. 5 members of your organization are on the top of our suspect list. Breaking out into case squads, teams will work against the clock to complete a series of riddles, puzzles and multimedia challenges to unlock 5 suspect statements. With those statements revealed can your team win the day and save the boss?

Climb That Mountain Challenge

Challenge your co-workers to Climb any mountain from the comfort of their own home town! Participants will compete virtually to climb 'X; amount of feet in their own home or any stairs nearby. FitPros will supply the tracking form, a series of emails to internally promote the challenge, and our Care Packages can make for a fitting reward.

Great Scott!

Biff has gotten hold of the Delorean and is wreaking havoc on the time continuum (and pop culture as you know it). Teams must travel through various decades, exploring puzzles and riddles, and submit photos and videos to help track Biff down before things get too far out of control and pop culture as you remember it, is lost forever.

Scavenger Hunt at Home Bingo

This one of a kind Scavenger Hunt is designed to be played as a virtual team - together on screen. Discuss shared book collections, hidden talents and the cutest pets - then submit your photo and video proof! A huge variety of challenges will have teams laughing, learning and of course competing to see who can earn the most points before the clock runs out!

Escape Room

Brain-busting challenges and creative out-of-the-box puzzles to escape the dangerous predicament you collectively find yourselves trapped in (disclaimer - you won’t actually be in any danger)! This is the perfect event to harness your employees’ competitive spirit, while also team building and improving communication skills while under pressure. Good luck – you’ll need it!

FitPros Racery Challenge

Try our 2-week FitPros Racery Challenge! Your employees will race across the U.S., entering their favorite exercise – walking, strength training, dancing, swimming, running, biking, etc. – conveniently on an app or desktop. You can also include non-fitness activities, like drinking water or meditation. Participants receive a digital bib and finishers certificate. Compete individually or in teams. Teammates can nudge each other with a chat feature and view the leaderboard for some fun, healthy competition.

Prize Ideas

You are welcome to decide and deliver your own prizes to the winners, or you can utilize FitPros! Here are a couple prize ideas that we can supply to the individual winners:

  • Care Package delivered to the winner’s home or office

  • 1-on-1 Wellbeing Session for 30 minute or 1 hour to discuss mindset, motivation, stress, etc.

  • 1-on-1 Nutrition Session for 30 minute or 1 hour to discuss nutrition and how to have a balanced diet

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training Session for 30 minute or 1 hour yoga or physical exercise


Benefits of Wellness Challenges


Challenges are successful when a supportive, positive climate of fun is created. The camaraderie can help people adopt or maintain a healthy way of living. Short duration challenges, e.g. one week or one month, are more focused and effective, and their consistency produces the best results and levels of participation. 


Challenges engage people in healthy lifestyle behaviors that help them make "lasting" improvements. Lasting improvements mean lasting benefits to your business!