Cultivate Internal Warriors to Recruit and Retain

Wellness Warriors Program

The Wellness Warriors at your company are those who are excited about enhancing culture through leadership, strategy, and camaraderie. With a designated FitPros facilitator we will be the point of contact for your staff to directly learn how to spread the wellness word within your company. Think of it as a Personal Coach for your internal Warriors.


Your personal, on-call wellness consultant to

EDUCATE, MOTIVATE & LEAD your company's wellness culture

Let FitPros be your onsite wellness consultant and personal coach!

Wellness Warriors are all about enhancing the workplace culture through leadership, strategy, and camaraderie! FitPros can help you build and maintain strategies that not only create a healthier workplace but also enhance community engagement and commitment. Take the pressure off your Human Resources Team and let FitPros facilitate your Wellness Warrior Program.

Take your wellness program to the next level with FitPros Wellness Warrior Program. The year-long program will help you establish leadership alignment and support, identify your wellness ambassadors, track result-oriented programs, and observe wellness integrate into your company culture.

You can now hire a FitPro to facilitate your onsite wellness program beyond the scheduled activities, who will serve as your onsite leadership trainer, ambassador coordinator, culture enthusiast, and personal wellness consultant. We know your HR team is swamped, thus having to get leadership buy-in, intake employees’ needs/suggestions, and tracking impact is time-consuming – but these are all essential to build a sustainable wellness program and culture.

With FitPros Wellbeing Consultant as your guide:

  • Assemble, grow, and lead onsite wellness ambassador groups that will drive and enhance a culture of wellness at your company, provide peer support and serve as health-conscious role models.  

  • Prepare agenda for meetings and training based on Wellness Expertise and supported by WELCOA Benchmarks to prepare leadership teams and ambassadors in leading initiatives, tracking engagement and impact, and permeating wellness culture.

  • Guides the planning process for mapping out quarterly and annual initiatives and builds annual calendars, wellness weeks, and open enrollment programs in partnership with the Wellbeing Manager.

  • Coordinate team-building, and healthy challenges that keep the group actively engaged in wellness activities and with each other.

  • Prepare Warrior of the Month interview and write up for HR to distribute within the company giving kudos and recognition to participates; as well as content from the leadership team to support attendance to wellness events

  • Your FitPro will be accessible via slack/email (within reason) throughout the term.

Role of your FitPro:

  • Schedule a monthly meeting with the executive leadership team (In-person or online) to align corporate strategy with a wellness strategy

  • Schedule two hours a month (in person or online) with wellness ambassadors intaking employee needs, facilitate training and strategize innovative ways to cultivate a holistic culture

  • One hour a month dedicated for ambassador’s club to participate in a specialized program or event for them (i.e. Farmer market, fitness class, etc.)

  • One hour a month focused on Internal Promotion and Environment Cultivation (i.e. – marketing communication strategy, wellness space evaluation and upkeep, quarterly participation, feedback, and impact reports).

How the FitPros’ Time is Allotted:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

All of your on-site wellness needs are met with FitPros!