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Physical, & Financial Coaching

It is no secret, 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and 70% benefit from the improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills they obtain from participating (ICF 2009).

FitPros’ Wellness Coaching offering helps your employees receive these benefits by making coaching easily accessible and implementable.


Wellness Coach

Each FitPros Wellness Coach will follow a strategic process when meeting with your employees. They will first determine the attendees' baseline (an acknowledgement of where they are today). Then suggest and coach them through sustainable habit changes they can make moving forward, that will allow them to achieve their (in session) defined and the desired result. The overarching goal of a 1:1 Wellness Coaching session is to arm your employee(s) with the tools they will need to take control of their life.


Nutrition Coach

1:1 Consultation with nutritionists can sometimes be the most effective way for your employees to learn tools that will help them identify and achieve self-determined wellbeing goals. In this offering, YOU determine how much information you want each staff member to digest (see what we did), by having complete freedom to determine how many total hours you would like a FitPros nutritionist onsite, and with each employee.


Personal Trainer

FitPros' personal trainers are nationally credentialed, insured and passionate about educating the world on fitness. They are hired based on their qualifications, and due to their ability to commit to and promote a health-conscious lifestyle to all. A FitPros Trainer will hold your employees accountable in a fun and inspiring way, which will, in turn, help them reach their short and long term goals. 25 minute and 50-minute sessions are available. A 2-hour onsite time commitment per visit is required.

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Ergonomic Assesment

Ergonomics and workstation setup is a topic frequently discussed, as it is a key component to keep recurring neck and back pain under control. An Ergonomic Assessment will include (live or tele health); pre-evaluation, Ergonomic Assessment of an employee’s work station, workstation adjustments and recommendations, customized exercises and stretches, recommended equipment if necessary and a personal report that summarizes all recommendations and changes made.

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Many people want to maintain and achieve improved spinal health, and for them we will offer onsite or virtual chiropractic consultations. The Consultation will include: Your Health History, working diagnosis for musculoskeletal conditions, answer health related questions, provide exercise and stretch recommendations and demonstrations.

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Leadership Manager Coaching

The 60 minute 1:1 sessions geared toward leadership and management are about exploring what is going right as well as exploring areas of growth. The client is always invited to come to the session with an agenda of what is on their mind in addition to exploring those new areas of leadership. After we celebrate what is going well, we start to explore those growth areas. Topics include managing stress, hacking old beliefs that limit our ability to lead a team, vision, fears, self-awareness, creating a plan for change, setting intentions and visions, maximizing performance, and accountability. The 1:1 sessions are structured in a safe, confidential environment where the client can truly unpack what may be holding him or her back in becoming the leader they are meant to be.

*FitPros asks that you please book all offerings at least ONE month in advance. Though all our teachers and speakers are phenomenal, we want to ensure that the FitPro whom conducts your offering is a good culture fit, and that you have enough time to utilize the internal marketing materials we create to boost participation. We want your offering to be successful, adequate lead time makes this possible.

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