Fitness Classes

An exercise class with a certified professional who inspires healthy living through movement.

Our Most Popular Classes

FitPros fitness classes are easily implemented into any space and make health and wellness accessible to all. Our certified professionals are dedicated to making all attendees of their sessions happier, healthier, and in turn, more dedicated and engaged with anything and all that they do!

Yoga & Mindfulness

Provide your employees with the tools to manage stress and boost productivity.

Boxing & Martial Arts

Challenge your employees physically and mentally with
FitPro's classes and workshops.


Strength & Sweat

Give your employees access to the right tools and classes to build up their strength.


Dance & Zumba®

Bringing high-energy fitness to the office with dance & Zumba® classes.

What to expect when you
plan a class 

Still unsure if fitness classes and workshops are the right wellness program for your company? The information below covers our quality assurance and everything you can expect from a FitPros talk.


Content for you to keep

All virtual sessions are recorded and uploaded to a personalized dropbox folder and you will also receive an attendance report within 24 hours of the event!

"Everything was wonderful, from our FitPro to the scheduling with our rep(s). I was able to record the session and send it out to our employees."

Location is never

a limitation

With the surplus of instructors we have available, finding a time and place that works for YOUR audience is never an issue. All of the classes linked above can be virtual or conducted live in your office.

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"The whole process was extremely efficient from the start. I was put in touch with the correct person and shortly after signed paperwork, paid for our wellness solution, and was sent a calendar invite and promotional material."

Fitness in Gym

Quality instructors, guaranteed

With hundreds of qualified instructors for fitness classes alone, we'll work with you to select an instructor that best aligns with your company's atmosphere and wellness goals. Our instructors come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds and we promise to find the perfect fit for your audience.


"Amazing from start to finish. Our account manager has been so awesome while we looked at options and we pulled this together."

We'll make sure you exceed your company's wellness goals this year.