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Policy Updates

  • Meeting your employees where they are is imperative, as is our goal to offer high-quality services. In our effort to better standardize our Pro quality and content, we will be pausing our onsite services outside of the United States. In the interim we have expanded the availability of our virtual services, specifically offering a Wellbeing App and convenient international times on our LIVE streaming platform.

  • We strive to deliver our brand's finest from visual and user experience design to personalized service and human interactions. As our brand expands, our commitment remains strong in aiding you to connect with your audience through effective marketing materials. While we'll maintain the co-branding of employee-facing assets with your logo, further customization beyond this won't be available. You'll retain full access to session specifics through your client dashboard, empowering you to utilize this content for crafting and enhancing your marketing materials.

  • To enable us to focus on what we do best - onsite and virtual services - we have strategic partnerships for Care Packages and Gift Cards. In turn, we can coordinate the purchase of your company-branded items and virtual gift cards only when it’s associated with a program you are doing with us. For example, if you run a Challenge we can facilitate prizes as rewards to your employees. We no longer purchase third-party items as a stand-alone.

  • FitPros will attain a Certificate of Insurance (COI) when it’s required for our team and any vendor (for Health Fairs) to come onsite to your office. The COI Requirements must be given to us at least 4 weeks before the onsite event date.

  • Discover a wealth of Health Talk topics and an array of Fitness and Team-Building classes at, tailored for your Custom Programs. Should you wish to personalize a session from our offerings or propose an unlisted idea, we enthusiastically welcome your input. Please note, however, that adjusting or adding sessions will necessitate a longer timeline to secure a Professional and accommodate your preferences. For sessions displayed on our website, the timeline is set at 4 weeks from the signing of the Statement of Work (SOW) and date/time selection. In the case of modified programs, the timeline extends up to 12 weeks, pending approval from our content experts. Reach out to your Client Success Manager to initiate new program requests and ascertain approval for your session proposals.

    Lead time for Custom Programs starts the day the Services Agreement is signed and the date and time for the session is selected. 

    • 4 weeks for Fitness Classes and Health Talks;

    • 6 weeks for Team Building;

    • 8 weeks for Virtual and Onsite Health Fairs; and,

    • 12 weeks for any of the above programs with immense modifications.

  • To uphold quality and enhance our scalability, FitPros is postponing sessions in languages other than English. This focus allows us to ensure top-tier service delivery. Please be assured, we are dedicated to exploring multilingual offerings in the future. Additionally, for all virtual sessions, we include closed captions in other languages as a Zoom plugin, ensuring accessibility for all.

  • We conduct Custom Programs using the Zoom Meeting format. Should you prefer a Webinar format, you'll need to arrange and provide us with the host link. This process requires beforehand inclusion of our team and the Pro's email address in the link setup.

  • FitPros has built a reputation for coordinating a Wellbeing Party in which employees learn about their benefits and gather information about local health and fitness businesses. To learn about what is included refer to these flyers, and read about new updates below:

    Choose Which Fair is Right for You

    Share with us not only how many total employees are associated with the office, but take your best estimate on how many will show up in person for the Fair. You have the option to “add on” other services to a smaller-sized Fair. Here are the parameters for estimated attendance:

    • Lite Fair with under 50 people in attendance

    • Mini Fair 51 - 150 people in attendance

    • Regular 150+ people in attendance

    • Super Size Your Fair and add an hour for 500+ people in attendance

      • For fairs with an anticipated attendance of over 500 individuals or for events requiring multiple shifts of employees, an additional maximum of 1 hour may be added to the fair duration. This policy aims to accommodate larger crowds and facilitate efficient operations during events with increased attendance or extended work shifts.

    Date Selection

    Given that FitPros organizes the best events, we cannot guarantee your preferred Onsite Fair date is available. We recommend contacting your sales representative or Client Success Manager 3+ months before your desired date. As a reminder, we require a minimum of 8 weeks before your Fair date to plan the event.


    Vendor Updates

    To invite only vendors who are relevant to your employees, you will have the option to check-box select from health and fitness categories in the initial planning phase. Category examples include: 

    • Mental Health

    • Physical Fitness

    • Financial 

    • Philanthropy


    Before your Fair you will have biweekly planning calls with your Success Team in which you will be updated on our vendor process. All vendors will be secured two weeks before the Fair. You will be given one opportunity to audit the list to decline any vendors' attendance. That audit must be completed within 72 hours. If you decline vendors we can not guarantee to replace those slots but we will make our best efforts.


    The total number of vendors and carriers that we secure includes: 

    • Lite Fair is only your benefit carriers to table

    • 10 vendors/ carriers for a Mini Fair

    • 20 vendors/ carriers for a Regular Fair 


    We accept your “Wishlist Vendors” that you would like to attend your event. We define Wishlist Vendors as a local business for which you already have a point of contact and/ or an existing partnership with your company. 

    If you wish to have paid for catering at your event, such as a lunch buffet, food trucks, hand-held smoothies or a Yogurt Bar we will make room for those vendors on the floor plan, but FitPros will not be responsible for coordination. 


    It is the responsibility of the client to provide tables for all benefit partners/ carriers and one for FitPros. Should you wish to provide tables for the other vendors, you must have enough tables to accommodate all vendors. If you cannot provide tables for all vendors, then all vendors will bring their own tables. 

    Games & Prizes 

    Every vendor is required to donate 3 prizes. Prizes will be awarded solely based on fair participation via the Passport Challenge. Every vendor is requested to coordinate activity at their table where additional swag will be handed out.

  • Given that Biometric Screenings and Flu Shots are typically paid for through the company’s insurance FitPros does not handle the coordination. We have contact information found here to support your effort to reach out to the screening providers directly.

  • We respect that things arise that may lead to a change in your upcoming program. We are in the business of serving people, which not only includes our clients but also the Professionals who service our programs. Our Pros' livelihood depends upon the work they do. For this reason, we would like to remind you of the 50% reschedule fee which is outlined and agreed upon in your Services Agreement. Below outlines the cancel or change timeline:

    Custom Programming 

    Must provide at least sixteen (16) days advance written notice to reschedule or cancel. Should you wish to change the session type we will need our standing 4-week notice to secure a new Pro.

    Health Fairs 

    Must provide at least thirty-two (32) days advanced written notice.

    Wellbeing Platform (App + LIVE) 

    All subscription fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable, with the Service Provider having the right to modify fees with 30 days' notice.

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