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Health Talks

An informational presentation with a certified professional who inspires healthy living through a motivational discussion.




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Our Most Popular Talks

View our most popular health talks and workshops of the year! By hovering

over the categories below you can easily navigate to find the perfect talk or

workshop for your company.


Reach your employees with mindfulness programs designed to build strong mental health.

Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering diversity and improving inclusions are vital to a positive and equitable working environment.

Financial Workshops

Help your employees build strong financial IQ with FitPro's finance programs.

Explore All Topics

Our accredited educational speakers come to you, or host virtual sessions and provide top-notch health talks and workshops. We handle all of the behind the scenes paperwork and payment required for our insured and accredited instructors. Check out the variety of talks within each category!

Leadership & Communication

Help your employees build strong leadership, communication & time management skills.


Put Your Employees in the best possible position to succeed with chiropractic and ergonomic solutions.


Balanced nutrition is important to your employees, but most don't know where 

to start.


Support Your Employees' Growing Families with

parenting programs.


Help your employees live fully awake, by providing resources on how to get sound sleep.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency prep can help predict, prevent and mitigate the impact of emergency situations. 



Talks specifically created for educating on how to be both proactive & reactive to the situation at hand. 

Learning & Development

We can help Learning & Development teams align employee goals and performance with that of the organization.

Mental Health

Help your employees maintain motivation, mindfulness, and

self-care with mental health programs

What to expect when you

plan a talk 

Still unsure if health talks and workshops are the right wellness program for your company? The information below covers our quality assurance and everything you can expect from a FitPros talk.

Content for you to keep

All virtual sessions are recorded and uploaded to a personalized dropbox folder within 24 hours of airing! Within this folder, you'll also find all the content/physical materials used during your program. This includes presentation decks, takeaway flyers, and any handouts referenced by the speaker.

"Everything was wonderful, from our FitPro to the scheduling with our rep(s). I was able to record the session and send it out to our employees."

Location is never

a limitation

With the surplus of speakers, we have available, finding a time and place that works for YOU is never an issue. All of the Health Talks linked above can be a virtual webinar or conducted live in your office. 

"The whole process was extremely efficient from the start. I was put in touch with the correct person and shortly after signed paperwork, paid for our wellness solution, and was sent a calendar invite and promotional material."

Quality speakers, guaranteed

With over 60 qualified instructors for Health Talks and Workshops alone, we'll work with you to select a speaker that best aligns with your company's atmosphere and wellness goals. Our speakers come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. Whether you're looking for a TEDx speaker or a triple board-certified M.D., we promise to find the perfect fit for you.

"We love bringing in diverse perspectives with educational material that is accessible for all populations in our company which is what was so great about this seminar-- anyone could do what the FitPro recommended."

We'll make sure you exceed your company's wellness goals this year. 


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