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Be Your Own CFO

Our ‘Be Your Own CFO’ workshop is about taking control of your financial life and being your own Chief Financial Officer by understanding, monitoring, and managing your income and expenses. This Health Talk will cover topics such as spending, servicing debt, savings, and investments; how to monitor credit, as well as the factors most impacting one's credit score. Participants will learn the formula for maximizing their “profit;" review best practices for managing, spending, and dealing with debt; get to know their numbers: gross income, withholdings, taxes, benefits, and net pay; understand the 3 S’s: Spending, Servicing Debt, Saving & Investing; discuss creative spending tactics and effective debt strategies; and learn how to create and use a Financial Dashboard.

Employee Stock Options

Do you know your stock options? In this Finance Talk, participants will understand the attributes of stock awards (e.g., RSSs and RSUs), review all income tax considerations and consequences, and learn about 3 Keys while exercising options.

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Investing Bootcamp II

Money is America’s #1 stressor, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Investing Bootcamp provided participants with foundational knowledge for investments such as the difference between stock and bonds, what mutual funds and EFT’s are; as well as principles of allocation, diversification, and the power of tax-advantaged accounts. In this Part 2/2 Health Talk participants will review and build on the 5 steps that can effectively help them create and manage their own investment plans. Specifically, participants will learn about the key drivers of stock and bond prices, methods for rebalancing asset allocation, the overlap and reducing of concentration risk, and investing in a taxable account. Every attendee will leave feeling less stressed and more confident in their investment decision-making. *Given the caliber of our Financial Workshops, the cost associated is higher.

Stock Market Quotes

Sell, Hold or Give

The stock market is constantly changing with many moving parts, therefore it’s important to know how to best manage shares. In this Health Talk, participants will discover new ways to think about shares in their employer; the diversification vs. concentration of selling and holding shares; charitable giving options, and an overview of income taxes on share options and RSUs

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Tried and True Methods for Weathering Financial Uncertainty

This workshop is about protecting yourself during volatile times, identifying opportunities and proactively planning for security and prosperity. First, you’ll learn to play financial defense and then strategies for going on offense. Weathering uncertain times means protecting your credit, cashflow, long term savings, as well as being mindful of your emotions. It also means keeping an eye on the future and creating a plan to ensure you and your family are positioned for long term success.


Be Your Own CFO II

Our ‘Be Your Own CFO’ workshop is about taking control of your financial life and being your own Chief Financial Officer by understanding, monitoring, and managing your income and expenses. This Part 2/2 Health Talk, will cover topics such as planning for retirement funds, withholding taxes based on circumstances, monitoring spending with platforms for a Financial Dashboard, and evaluating and servicing debt. Participants will continue learning the formulas for maximizing profit, best practices for managing expenses and servicing debt, and how to get the most from their Financial Dashboard.

Estate Planning
for Everyone

Ever wonder why you need an estate plan and how to get started on yours? In this Finance Workshop, the terms 'estate' and 'estate plan' are defined and discussed. Participants will come to understand that estate planning involves titling, documents, and structures, and learn about the four core components: a will, a trust, and two durable powers of attorney for financial and health matters. Participants will also discover the three mistakes to avoid making while estate planning and see how important it is to think through the people to involve in your estate plan.

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Ready for Retirement

To feel adequately prepared for retirement, employees need to feel informed and educated on how to handle the two major financial changes they will incur: new healthcare expenses and not having a paycheck. In this talk, a certified financial professional will review health insurances, help participants understand when they should start collecting Social Security benefits, and teach them how to create a regular income stream. Participants will gain insight on: how to understand Medicare, Medicaid, and Supplemental plans; the two keys to deciding when to start Social Security; and how to collect consistent income from 401k’s, IRAs, and taxable accounts.


Income Taxes

It’s time to finally understand W-2s and 1099s, income and AGI, schedules and worksheets, AMT and capital gains, and deductions and credits. This workshop will help equip participants to complete their own tax return, or it will empower them to understand their return if they choose to hire a tax preparer to do it for them. Participants will learn: the basics of federal income taxation, the components required for completing your tax return, the step-by-step process of how to complete a sample Form 1040, the most common worksheets and schedules, where exercise of stock options and sale of shares fit in, and the 4 important things to review for each year. Come make some sense of income taxes!

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Understanding and Managing Generational Debt and Wealth

Our Understanding and Managing Generational Debt and Wealth workshop is about learning and implementing the keys building wealth across generations. Breaking out of a generational debt cycle or proliferating generational wealth both require careful planning and execution. In this talk you will learn: How to break negative debt cycles, how to create positive wealth cycles, how the wealthy manage their finances and affairs, how to create the financial future you want for your loved ones and community.

Luxury Home

Buying a Home

Are you considering purchasing a home? Is owning a home one of your goals in near or far future? Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. In this discussion you’ll learn how to take stock of your personal finances, properly research the local market, make and negotiate an offer, and much more! Participants will walk away with a checklist for making homeownership a reality and the key benchmarks for doing so.

Investing Bootcamp

Are you confused about the difference between stocks and bonds? What a mutual fund is and what ETF’s are? Money is America’s #1 stressor, but it doesn’t have to be. In this discussion, participants will be taught the 2 saving and investing priorities; what stocks, bonds, cash, mutual funds, and ETFs are; 3 key principles of asset allocation, diversification, and asset location; the power of tax-advantaged accounts: 401ks, IRAs, and Roth IRAs; and the 5 steps that can effectively help one create and manage their own investment plan. Every attendee will leave feeling less stressed and more confident in their investment decision-making.

Market Analysis

Restricted Stock Units

Restricted Stock Units give an employee interest in company stock; however, they have no tangible value until vesting is complete. What does it mean when your company grants you RSUs? In this Health Talk participants will learn the attributes of restricted stock units (RSUs), vetting plans, and distribution schedules. The group will case study and follow an employee’s RSUs lifecycle – from grant, to vest, to sale of shares. Questions of tax considerations and consequences will be answered as well as tips for selling share at vest vs. holding shares after vest. Attendees will leave feeling confident in how to get the most from this portion of their compensation.


1:1 Financial Coaching

A Financial Coach helps your employees 1:1 with the basics of money management. They work to determine if there are any obstacles keeping a person from managing their finances well. The goal of 1:1 coaching is to educate participants on personal finance basics, help them to develop healthy money habits and  a financial plan that reflects their goals. Your employees will feel empowered after financial coaching, to take responsibility for their financial decisions, and will be helped to implement the lessons learned.

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Get a Budget

Our Get a Budget webinar is designed to help you understand your current cash flow, develop and maintain a personal budget and get started on your path to financial success. In this talk participants will learn to develop the proper mindset for financial success, clarify and crystallize their most important goals, get a handle on their current cash flow and create a practical budget and a plan for maintaining it.

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Kids and Money

Our Kids and Money talk is designed to help parents teach their kids positive money habits.  Raising financially responsible children is a priority for parents, but many lack the resources. In this talk participants will learn, how to teach your children positive money habits like saving, spending and giving, how to set a great example and demonstrate successful financial behaviors, how to implement practical and sustainable weekly activities and how to teach your children to set financial goals. Participants will also have access to a short video they can watch with their children to get them excited about learning about money!

Due to the nature of the ever-changing financial landscape, our financial wellness workshops are not allowed to be recorded.

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