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Proper Ergonomics Prevents Work Related Injuries

FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.


MSD1 cases accounted for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases.

(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Chiropractic & Ergonomics Solutions

During this interactive lunch and learn style talk, you’ll learn the importance of of Movement & Ergonomics. Gain an understanding of how proper Ergonomics reduces Musculoskeletal disorders at work, and recognize fundamental movement patterns. You’ll learn how to out to relieve pain, improve posture and restore function with self myofascial soft tissue release techniques.

Health Talk:
Desk Job Body

The Doctor is set up in a conference room. They’ll bring an adjustment table to see each person for approximately 15 minutes. Inquire to learn if insurance is accepted.

1-on-1 Chiro Adjustment Consultation

The Doctor will visit the employee’s desk to assess how it should be set up for their unique body/posture. Does not make physical adjustments to the employee, only modifies their desk and discusses how to sit and move to avoid injury.

1-on-1 Ergo Desk Set Up

Experiencing knots in your neck? Tight hips or low back pain? In this 60 minute course learn to release muscle tension using self massage and sports tools, such as lacrosse balls and foam rollers.

Trigger Point Massage Workshop

The Truth About Low Back Pain-Webinar

Though we as humans don't "sit incorrectly," we find ourselves in situations that require us to sit for long periods of time. In this talk, you will learn common causes of low back pain and if you are at risk of having low pack pain in the future. You will learn what proper posture and ergonomics entails as well as some easy-to-do low back stretches.

Do you know the symptoms of tech neck? Some common complaints include headaches, stiff necks, neck spasms, and pain between the shoulder blades. In this talk, you will learn common causes of neck pain and whether or not tech neck is a legitimate diagnoses. You will learn about posture and ergonomics as well as easy-to-do neck stretches.

The Truth About Neck Pain-Webinar

Are you unsure of how to stay fit without risking severe knee injuries? This talk will teach you about common causes of knee pain. You will learn if running and squatting is bad for the knees and some easy-to-do hip and knee stretches that will counteract all pain.

The Truth About Knee Pain-Webinar

The Truth About Wrist & Hand Pain-Webinar

Chances are you type and text for the majority of your time. That being said, you may not know how to protect your wrists from severe damage. Learn some common causes of the wrist, hand, and forearm pain in computer users and figure out whether or not wrist braces are actually beneficial/harmful to your pain. Learn proper posture, ergonomics, and easy-to-do wrist stretches.

Stretch Break Session: Posture Correction

This session will help participants learn how to self-assess and self-correct their posture while standing or sitting at their desk. Participants will learn simple stretches and reminder techniques to help them maintain proper posture at work.

Stretch Break Session: Strength Exercises at your Desk

In this session, learn some easy yet impactful shoulder, back, hip, knee and ankle strengthening exercises that can be done at your desk. No equipment required!

Stretch Break Session: Reduce Neck Pain

Learn how to self-assess neck mobility, ways to improve your own neck flexibility, and some proper postural techniques to reduce neck strain that comes with long hours of computer usage. The session will also discuss ergonomics!

Learn how to self-assess lower back mobility, easy methods to improving core strength, at-desk back stretches and proper postural techniques that will all help you reduce low back strain that comes with long hours of computer usage. The talk will also discuss ergonomics.

Stretch Break Session: Reduce Low Back Pain

This session will help you learn how to self-assess your own wrist mobility and also touch on ergonomics. You will learn some ways how to improve wrist and hand strength, at-desk wrist stretches and proper posture techniques that will help decrease strain on your wrists.

Stretch Break Session: Reduce Wrist Pain

Stretch Break Session: Reduce Shoulder Pain

In this session, learn about assessing your shoulder mobility, as well as a little about ergonomics. Learn some ways how to improve shoulder strength, shoulder stretches that can be done from your desk, and proper postural techniques.

Physical Wellness Exam/Fit test/Injury Screening/Movement Assessment

This will be a 45 min assessment of your functional mobility, core strength and pain areas. This session will be performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. You will receive a comprehensive report with treatment guidelines to get you back to optimal physical health & wellbeing

In this session, learn about how breathing can change based on stress levels and posture. Learn some new good breathing techniques that will help you reduce back pain and improve work efficiency.

Stretch Break Session: Breathing Techniques

Pain Consultation

Did you know that most repetitive strain injuries can get fully resolved if the right care is taken as soon as symptoms appear? But it can take weeks to get to see your primary care. We are bringing expert care right to you. Schedule a 20 min consultation with our in-house Doctor of physical Therapy and get your questions regarding nagging aches & pain answered

This session will teach evidence-based stretches that are proven to reduce risk of running injuries. Also, improve running form and efficiency.

Stretch Break Session: Pre-running Stretches

Rehab Classes

Learn flexibility, strength and balance exercises to help improve the health of your shoulder, spine and knees. These classes are best for those who have recently recovered from an injury and want to prepare their bodies before resuming intense workouts. These exercises can be used as warm-ups prior to crossfit or HIIT training. Each group rehab class is offered virtually and is 40 mins in length. These classes are taught by a physical therapist.

Ergonomic Essentials For Remote Working

How to manage WFH life with smart solutions for your everyday make-shift home office. During this interactive talk, you’ll learn the importance of Movement & Ergonomics. Gain an understanding of how proper Ergonomics reduces Musculoskeletal disorders while working. You’ll learn how to relieve pain, improve posture, strengthen and restore function with soft tissue release techniques and simple chair yoga poses. Additionally, you will discover stress relieving, self-care management tools through breath work.

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