Workplace Chiropractic Solutions to Recruit & Retain

Proper Ergonomics Prevents Work Related Injuries

FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.


MSD1 cases accounted for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases.

(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Put Your Employees in the best possible position to succeed with  CHIROPRACTIC AND ERGONOMICS solutions

Chiropractic & Ergonomics Solutions

During this interactive lunch and learn style talk, you’ll learn the importance of of Movement & Ergonomics. Gain an understanding of how proper Ergonomics reduces Musculoskeletal disorders at work, and recognize fundamental movement patterns. You’ll learn how to out to relieve pain, improve posture and restore function with self myofascial soft tissue release techniques.

Health Talk:
Desk Job Body

The Doctor is set up in a conference room. They’ll bring an adjustment table to see each person for approximately 15 minutes. Inquire to learn if insurance is accepted.

1-on-1 Chiro Adjustment Consultation

The Doctor will visit the employee’s desk to assess how it should be set up for their unique body/posture. Does not make physical adjustments to the employee, only modifies their desk and discusses how to sit and move to avoid injury.

1-on-1 Ergo Desk Set Up

Experiencing knots in your neck? Tight hips or low back pain? In this 60 minute course learn to release muscle tension using self massage and sports tools, such as lacrosse balls and foam rollers.

Trigger Point Massage Workshop

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