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FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.

Learn to Identify and Manage Stress

This Health Talk will wake you up from the task-oriented mindset and the feeling of urgency that creates stress. Don't wait until stress has a negative impact on your health, relationships, or quality of life. Start practicing a range of stress management techniques today. Learn how to recognize and identify the different forms of stress. Learn tools to manage stress and to be present in your life.

Own Your "Om"

With the constant pressure to work harder, stay at work longer, and take on more workload, we are increasingly on the brink of burnout. Discover the proven benefits of meditation and the simple steps to make it a daily practice. This session will include a brief meditation, and the focus will be on why centering oneself is beneficial.

Optimizing Your Brain

Neuroscience has identified several ways to optimize brain performance. Participants will learn about specific activities and exercises that help boost brain health, which will in turn help them live a healthier, more efficient life.

Train Your Brain: Pain Relief & Injury Prevention

Using a brain-based training approach, participants will challenge and train their visual and vestibular systems to enhance and improve their nervous system's input. For example, eye exercises and balance drills naturally fuel the brain to help one's body perform optimally. Since nerves communicate at lightning-fast speed, simply providing quality input creates amazing brain output. This session will help participants to rapidly “debug” movement and foster pain relief, injury prevention, and an equipped mindset.

Managing Attention -
A Superpower for Life

We live in a world with distractions and our attention is constantly being bombarded by both internal and external interference. It is often difficult for us to pay attention in the way that we would like to. This Health Talk provides a fresh look at managing our attention: a superpower that can be cultivated. Participants will engage in multiple activities to “pay attention to their attention” and will likely never “see” their attention the same way again. Simply raising one’s awareness of attention is the first step to more proactively controlling it. Participants will receive suggestions for ways to apply the lessons learned to their ongoing personal development.

Happy Employees = Productive Employees

Employees often experience a sense of invisibility and isolation at work, even despite company efforts to create open floor plans and community space. Employees are 31% more productive when happy, so it is in the best interest of individuals and companies to invest in their employees’ happiness. In this Health Talk, participants will learn how to cultivate happiness in and outside of the workplace.

Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health in the workplace is a growing concern with consequences for individuals and the organization. However, many employers are taking steps to mitigate these concerns. In this session, participants will acquire foundational knowledge on mental health, learn how to promote mental health at work, and identify ways to access well-being benefits provided by their company.

We Can Be Our Own Worst Enemy

Breakthrough limiting beliefs by understanding your state of mind through the “power of positive thinking." Participants will learn to acknowledge times of stress and learn to course correct -- or make the shift -- to restore a sense of well-being.

Mindfulness: Tools
to Disconnect

In today’s culture, the constant pressure to achieve, succeed, and innovate faster is causing record-breaking incidences of burnout. Combine that with a constant feed of stimulus from technological devices, a constant stream of emails, and the increased use of social media (which has been proven to increase depression), and it’s no wonder that stress-related illnesses are on the rise. This session introduces participants to the mindfulness practices that are essential for us to begin reclaiming our energy, resilience, and happiness -- both at work and at home.

Optimistic Outlook

There is a great deal of research documenting that optimists, and their positive thinking, are happier, healthier, more successful, have lower rates of depression and distress, and have longer life spans. Optimistic thinking is largely advantageous in this changing world -- the best part is that optimism is a learned skill that can be taught and practiced. This workshop will help participants understand why we tend to be pessimistic and what simple steps we can do to become more optimistic.

Navigating Emotions and Building Resilience

Our mental and emotional states can impact our motivation and performance at work. This workshop will help participants to understand and manage emotions, positively cope with life stressors, and develop practical habits that will improve their well-being.

Art of Self Alignment: Balance Food, Fitness & Fun!

Ever wonder what mindfulness can teach you about nutrition? The skill of “Informal Mindfulness” can be used to help you understand how food is used for cravings, sustenance, and self-soothing. Learning how to Mindfully read your body's natural signals will help you reduce stress and increase life quality. Participants will learn where these signals come from and how to use Mindfulness to make health and fitness work for them.

Attitude of Gratitude

Most know that expressing appreciation is important, but did you know there are actual health benefits that can be gained from giving and receiving gratitude? Gratitude can increase one’s energy, optimism, and empathy. In this Health Talk, participants will learn how to deliberately cultivate gratitude, to subsequently increase your and your workplace’s well-being, happiness, and productivity.

Intuitive painting

Art therapy can help us explore our emotions, enhance self-esteem, relieve stress, and improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Bring your team together for an art therapy, social hour where employees will learn the ‘why’ behind colors and techniques, how to let go of expectations, and freely express themselves through art! This class requires purchase of canvas and paints - ask your Wellbeing Manager for details. No previous artistic talent is needed to be successful, simply allow yourself to be present.

Art Gallery Social Hour

This fun filled social engagement hour is a great way to bring your team together for some artistic and comic relief! Participants will be welcomed into a space of free expression and invited to be open to new experiences. Individuals will create artwork with guided direction using materials from their own home (paper, pencil, markers, etc.). Once all artwork is complete the "Live Art Gallery" commences where participants will view others’ pieces. This session allows for the opportunity to collaborate on a task, exercise your creative right brain, and come together to share perspective. This is a great activity for teams who are looking to create safe spaces for people to come together, while sharing feelings and laughs!

Self-Compassion in the Workplace and Beyond

Difficult moments are inevitable. (At least they’re inevitable if we want to live meaningful lives alongside other humans!) How we handle those difficult moments can be the difference between a downward spiral of isolation and self-blame, and a confident step toward the people and activities that can nourish and strengthen us in moving forward. This course includes an overview of what self-compassion is (and isn’t!), and why the research shows it’s important for personal health and successful relationships at home and at work. Self-Compassion is shown to be the primary determinant of burnout among physicians and other helping professionals, so we’ll talk about HOW to practice self-compassion in practical impactful ways in order to truly thrive.

Doing The Best We Can: Self-Compassion to Enhance Productivity, Creativity, & Well-Being

Change is tough. Attempting change during a pandemic can be particularly challenging with new stressors and schedules at play. Be it better relationship patterns, healthier eating habits, consistent sleep, more physical activity, or breaking that addiction to social media, there are good reasons to change and good reasons to stay where we are. In this one-hour workshop we will explore motivation, values, the neuroscience of change, and practical tools for doing what truly nourishes us during this time. We’ll discuss how stress impacts creativity and how we can enhance focus in the midst of increasing distractions while working from home. With self- compassion as a foundation we will name the struggles and the strategies for moving forward the best we can.

Trigger Happy: Reducing Reactivity & Responding Better to Life

Do you find yourself reacting, internalizing, lashing out, or avoiding in difficult moments? This workshop is designed to help you better understand yourself so you can show up better in the world. We’ll talk about automatic thoughts, unhealthy thought patterns, and how to use mindfulness as a means to choose more skillful ways of communicating with yourself and others. Some situations can feel like a win/lose scenarios, but with some self-awareness and self-compassion, we can turn these into a win/learn opportunities.

Lighten Up: How To Be Less Stressed About Stress

Wellness Expert Panel Discussion

Thanks a Lot: Why Gratitude Matters & How to Express It

How can you keep a clear, cool head while under stress? We know from experience (and cutting edge research) that trying to push stress away is a downright waste of energy, but we keep hearing how bad it is for us! Stress is not going to disappear, but we can learn to use it for good. In this one hour workshop we will learn to recognize stress for what it is. We will better understand the physical and psychological impact of meeting stress with more stress vs with a calm, clear presence. We will learn and practice ways to shift our mindsets and activate the enhancing aspects of stress.

Do your employees have specific questions, requiring specific answers? Are you seeing parts of different talks that you want to be covered all in one? During this 60-minute live panel discussion, business leaders and employee wellness ambassadors will have the opportunity for a real-time, personal panel discussion with a wellness expert. This new style of ‘health talk’ will get to the bottom of your demographics more pressing needs and questions. Our wellness experts are prepared for on the spot, open-ended questions from panelist leaders and the audience. It is our goal to have employees walk away with the clarity, tangible tools, and action plan needed to best support them.

We often hear that gratitude is good for our mental and even our physical wellbeing, yet it doesn’t often come naturally. How do we express gratitude in a way that feels authentic? In this one-hour workshop we explore what gratitude is (and isn’t!), what it can look like at work and in life, and ultimately how we can foster a sense of gratitude in a way that feels resonant and makes an actual difference.

The Impact of Media on Mental Health

The world has changed in the past generation making internet and social media not just entertainment but a mainstay in everyday life. Consumption of social media, especially in today’s world, can have negative affects on our mental and emotional health. In this talk attendees will learn the benefits of social media and online connection, the negative affects it can nave on our overall health and wellness and the five key areas one can focus on to help increase the positive benefits of social media and reduce the negative.

Art Therapy

In this session participants will get an introduction to Art Therapy and the therapeutic benefits of Art making. Then the Art Therapist leading the session will walk attendees through tools that can be used anytime to de-stress, provide a sense of calm when feeling overwhelmed, create a holding space for emotions, view life challenges from a more manageable "bird's eye" perspective, identify strengths, and create emotional balance. Participants will leave with more knowledge about stress management, tools they may use to manage their own and others mental health, as well as the memories of creating art in a safe space to improve their overall health and happiness.

Improving Your Relationship to Self & Food

For many people self-acceptance is hard to come by even on our best days. We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic, often photo-shopped images on TV or social media telling us how we should look or act. We spend years being the voice within that compares or critiques bits of ourselves, both physically and mentally, which may lead to poor self image, depression, social anxiety, and also impact our relationship with food. We may find ourselves trapped in a judging-guilt-eat cycle that leaves you feeling helpless. However, it is not until we accept others and ourselves that we can have a healthy relationship with food. The aim of this session is to explore ways society and other factors shape perceptions of ourselves and others, learn to implement cognitive-behavioral strategies to practice self-acceptance daily, and psycho-education on mindful and intuitive eating patterns to improve your relationship with food.  

Neuroscience of Giving

The altruistism center runs deep inside the brain. As humans, we’re all social creatures, wired to help one another. In our complex society, and despite our current reality, there are many ways to give. Which is great because both the giver and the receiver benefit from the act of “giving and receiving.” How? Neuroscience demonstrates that giving allows one to find personal joy and improve their overall health. In the health talk a mental health expert will discuss the chemical reaction in the brain, it's impact on overall health, and how to discover healthy habits through the act of giving back.

In addition to our Health Talks with one credentialed speaker FitPros can also organize panel discussions and fireside chats. These formats work well when you'd like to bring in your carriers to share the benefits available, and if you'd like a 'celebrity' status personality to talk to the group. Rates vary for panel and fireside chats based on the scope of work.

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