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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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We Are Stronger Together

It's all about the three C's: Cross-training, Colleagues and Camaraderie.

Picture this...

You just spent your day cooped up at a desk, working on projects with deadlines that are coming faster than the 5K you have been training for. You find yourself lacking the motivation to spend the next hour on a long boring run, feeling like there are more important, pressing matters holding you back.


You spent your day at that same desk, with those same deadlines... but after work, you were joining your colleagues to attend a bootcamp provided at your corporate headquarters. You'll be spending the next hour taking your mind off of work, to get fit while building stronger relationships with co-workers.

Which would you choose?

Not convinced yet? Here's 5 reasons why you should be:

Yes. You. Can...

Motivation is key.

By creating a group of like minded individuals, all striving to reach the same goal, motivation will follow. Accountability will increase, along with healthy competition and attendance rates. This motivation to work with colleagues during a workout can directly translate to improving teamwork in the workplace.

Feel good, look good...

Love what you do, love how you feel.

Working out and cross-training with friends can have you feeling great, and burning more calories?! That's right... In a female-only study, women who exercise with a friend burn 236 calories on average, while women who workout alone only burn about 195 calories.

Stretch your mind, and your limbs...

Cross-training reduces injury while increasing comradery.

Injury prevention is one of the most raved about benefits of cross-training. When your training is focused around one specific movement or area, that muscle group is more prone to wear and tear, eventually leading to injury. By switching what muscles are being targeted, it is easier to build overall strength and flexibility, preventing injury in the long run.

To all the Chatty Cathy's out there...

Training with friends makes for great conversation.

Training will never get boring as long as you have someone to chat with! In a recent study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine, it was found that working out with a group or partner directly impacts the amount of time you spend working out. While riding a stationary bike, solo riders rode for about 10.6 minutes before stopping, while partners went for an average of 19.8 minutes. That's an 87% difference!

Being bored is BORING...

Don't get stuck in a rut, repeating that drab fitness routine.

Fitness is meant to be fun, engaging, and rewarding. Switch up your routine, the options are truly endless. There are on site classes including: cardio kickboxing, tabata, bootcamps, running, yoga, pilates... need I say more?

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