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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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FitPros Cure For The Holiday Blues

FitPros has wellness solutions designed to enhance Team Building while giving back to the community. CSR is a perfect way for employees to stay present at the office and keep stress under control as we get closer to the holidays.

FitPros CSR programs include:

Cooking Class Benefiting A Local Non-Profit

Feel inspired in this cooking class that gives back to the community. Through a partnership with the non-proft 18 Reasons, over 35% of your cost of the class goes into community outreach programs that teach low income families how to prepare balanced meals on tight budgets. For busy professionals, this class will help stretch your dollars - and minutes - while preparing delicious, nutritious meals. Donation includes a chef, all cooking equipment, and food brought to your workplace. Participants spend 30 minutes cooking, then enjoy their meals while discussing health and nutrition goals. By the end of the class, your team will feel more confident at the grocery store and creative in the kitchen. Designed for approximately 30 attendees or less.


  • Tis’ the Season - Holiday cooking tips to simplify yet impress

  • Basic Knife Skills - never cut yourself again!

  • Weeknight Warrior - how to prep like a chef and get dinner on the table quickly

Hospital Mural Painting

Over 1 million volunteers and patients have united in an effort to create over 44,000 paintings for over 4,000 hospitals in 195 countries. We welcome your love and support in our mission of compassion through art.

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team-building activity allows your staff to have fun, be creative, all the while benefiting those in need. Each kit includes 6 Pre-Drawn canvases, art supplies and instructions.

PARTICIPATION ENTERS YOU for a chance to win a wellness care package including:

  • Awesome Prize TBD

  • Month supply of healthy snacks

That’s $300 worth of health!

For more information, email or visit

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