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Resolve On-site Attendance Tracking

Even though Open Enrollment Season is coming to a close, we’re about to enter a New Year with all new challenges to recruit and retain high-caliber employees. Imagine if tracking engagement for your on-site activities was resolved!

FitPros is thrilled to announce our new Tracking and Engagement App, a solution that allows employees to learn about your on-site programs, sign-up, share, and add it to their calendar, while relieving HR the burden of wondering if anyone is participating…all in one simple App!

Why is tracking on-site attendance so important?

If your ultimate goal is to provide employees well-being offerings that resonate and engage, then knowing which events that are the most attended is a crucial data point. Proving that on-site wellness is important and easier to do if you have the numbers to back it up! We're certain that your CFO will appreciate it.

FitPros mobile Tracking and Engagement App. is a one-stop-shop login where employees can sign-up and sign-in for all on-site activities. Even those that FitPros may not be bringing to your company. For example, talks with your 401K provider, in-house team-building function, etc. can all be housed within this tool.

App Features (for employees)

  • Easy, early sign up access to on-site programs

  • Option to set reminders via text push and email

  • Custom alerts for class changes, new and upcoming programs

  • Secure payment processing for employee paid activites

  • User validation through employee email address or employee ID number

Admin Features (for employers)

  • Digitally track how many people participate in activities

  • Customize and send alerts and push notifications

  • Increase engagement with internal marketing capabilities

  • Easy to use programming with ingoing customer support

Bring systematic support to your HR team by providing easy tracking for all on-site employee engagement with FitPros Tracking and Engagement App. You deserve to toss those paper sign-up sheets and be rid of the Google Sheet frustrations!

For more information, email or visit

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