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Employee Appreciation Day: Five Ways to Say Thank You

While we all appreciate feedback on our job performance, employers may be unintentionally austere with their praises and more generous with their critiques. It is most powerful when we are also praised for the things we do right, rather than only noticed for the things we do wrong. Positive reinforcement gives employees reassurance that they are doing a good job, which offers an incentive to continue to work at their optimal best.

Not only that, employers tend to overlook the day-to-day tasks of workers and recognize only their major accomplishments for appreciation. Employees are not just cogs in a machine, or just numbers on a spreadsheet. We need to humanize how we approach the employer-employee dynamic and personalize what we sincerely value about each employee.

There’s no need to wait for major milestones to appreciate employees. Why not express thanks to your employees for being just that--being your employees?

Here are some ideas for showing your appreciation for your employee(s):

  1. Issue gift cards--the easiest and simplest reward you could bestow. A Starbucks gift card is a timeless perk for a job well done! Or why not have employees choose their own gift cards?

  2. Include the family when appreciating an employee: i.e., reward with a family outing, dinner, or event. Don’t forget that your employee has other concerns besides work! Why reward your employees with an outing just by themselves? Why not include their family too? Rewarding the family shows an employee how well-rounded and accommodating the company can be, and that they are thinking beyond the bottom line.

  3. Plan a team outing! Wellness companies like Fitpros typically offer group classes such as pilates and yoga, restorative massage services, and informative health seminars. Wellness incentives help employees to unwind and re-group from their daily work grind while enriching their holistic endeavors. Experiencing wellness as a group sustains and uplifts employee morale and camaraderie.

  4. Offer a paid day/time off to be used at employee’s discretion. Giving an employee the choice to choose their time off is a wonderful way to acknowledge trust and empathy for their hard-work.

  5. Give the gift of charity! A donation to a local charity in an employee’s name can go a long way. Not only is an employee’s cause rewarded but the employee will know that the company cares about his or her community too. Wellness companies like Fitpros can help organize a charity event through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program.

There are many other ways to express gratitude towards your employees, and these five tips offer a healthy start to your Employee Appreciation Day!

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