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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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The Foundation for Financial Wellness is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which provides education and private 1:1 counseling to participants. We’re not only the financial wellness provider for NASA, we help employees in all industries with our on-site and online financial wellness classes. We present unbiased facts and do not sell anything at our classes. Each participant is eligible for receiving a private free counseling session with one of our Certified Financial Wellness Counselors. Our counselors have been vetted, trained and have passed a mastery exam recognized by FINRA.

Who is the Foundation for Financial Wellness Pilot Program designed for?

Organizations who would like to provide non-solicitous financial wellness education to their employees, gauge the level of employee interest, and would like to improve employee wellbeing and engagement.

What is included in the Pilot Program?

The Pilot program is a six-week program for up to 100 of your employees. Employees will gain access to our state-of-the-art self-paced eLearning platform.

The Pilot includes:

  • ❖ A customized 5-minute video introduction to your employees from our Executive Director

  • ❖ Pre- and Post-Assessments for each participant

  • ❖ Foundation for Financial Wellness Signature Course: The Five Essentials for Financial Wellness (4-hours of teaching) ➢ Essential 1: Take back control – load bearing principles for a lifetime of financial wellness ➢ Essential 2: Protect 1st, Grow 2nd – develop a strong foundation for your core investment philosophy

  • ➢ Essential 3: Get clear, make decisions and act! Time to build and execute ➢ Essential 4: Retirement and taxes – keeping Uncle Sam off your retirement payroll ➢ Essential 5: Creating legacy – being values-driven for your most meaningful impact

  • ❖ Upon completion of the Post-Assessment, employees will be invited to request a personal 1:1 counseling session (virtual) with one of our Certified Financial Wellness Counselors®.

  • ❖ During the pilot program Employers will receive a participation report showing employee progress.

  • ❖ Upon conclusion of the program, we will survey employees and provide a summary report to employers.

How does the Foundation for Financial Wellness benefit Employees and Employers?

Employer Benefits

❖ Reduced personal finance-work conflict ❖ Improved employee presenteeism and retention

❖ Higher employee commitment ❖ Increased job productivity ❖ Greater pay satisfaction ❖ Better engagement with their benefits

Employee Benefits

❖ Less stress following the courses ❖ Reduced work absenteeism ❖ Greater work productivity ❖ Improved health and wellbeing ❖ Better understanding of the benefits offered them

385 Inverness Parkway, Suite 160 | Englewood, CO 80112

What we need from you:

  1. Commitment to partnering with us to engage employee participants (e.g., email reminders, encouraging messages, accountability tools before/during/after program launch)

  2. Basic contact info (names and email addresses) so we may create login accounts on our eLearning platform. We will send each participant a welcome introduction with their login instructions and friendly reminders during the six-week program.

  3. Following the program, we will schedule a 30-minute phone call to hear your feedback on the program and determine if you would like to extend financial wellness to others in your organization.


$2,950 payable within 30 days of agreement.

How to start... Simply start a conversation with us!

Reach us at:

Paying it Forward Through Financial Wellness (see Financial Certification Blog)

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