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Top 10 Most Popular FitPros Health Talks

Health Talks are easy to implement and highly effective. According to Community Eye Health Journal, the main advantage of Health Talks is that you can reach a fairly large group of people, all at once. Conversely, "discussions" are limited because to be effective, a mediator should only have an audience of about 10 people. Health talks also need relatively little preparation, especially if FitPros is managing the process. You can simply choose the talk topic you believe is the best fit for your demographic, and FitPros does the rest. Yes the rest! We extensively vet candidates to host your talk, and once the perfect match has been solidified, we work tirelessly to ensure you and your employees have a seamless experience. FitPros is capable of surveying your employee demographic, and determining the talk information they are in the most dire need of. However, often times being their leader, we imagine you have a pulse on what your employee's needs and wants are. If this is the case, FitPros suggest that you choose the talk topic that is the most relevant to the health problems and the culture of your community.

Check out this list of our top 10 most popular health talks. FitPros suggests that you bring a speaker in, once a month or once a quarter on a different topic. Consistency is key, and you may also be surprised at the lack of information your employees know about their most basic physical, mental, financial and emotional health.

For Mindfulness: Mindfulness: Tools to Disconnect

In today's culture, the constant pressure to achieve, succeed, and innovate faster is causing recording-breaking incidences of burnout. Combine that with a constant feed of stimulus from technological devices, a constant stream of emails, and the increased use of social media (which has been proven to increase depression), and it's no wonder that stress-related illnesses are on the rise. This introduces the mindfulness practices that are essential for us to begin reclaiming our energy, resilience, and happiness - both at work and at home.

For Mental Health: Promoting Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental health in the workplace is a growing concern with consequences for individuals and the organization. However, many employers are taking steps to mitigate these concerns. In this session, you will acquire foundational knowledge in mental health, learn how to promote mental health at work, and identify ways to access well-being benefits provided by your company.

For Nutrition: Fad Diets, Food Myths, Sugar & Gluten, Oh My!

Gluten Free, Fat Free, Sugar Free: what does it all mean? With world-wide information at our fingertips, it’s no wonder consumers are confused. Take a look at trends, separate fact from fiction, and analyze popular diets. Become a sugar detective and take actionable steps to create a sustainable, healthy relationship with food. What diets set you up for failure and what diets set you up for success?

For Physical Wellness/ Motivation: Rah-Rah-Blah!

There are so many theories on the psychology of motivation, however, no-one can truly pinpoint where it comes from. Why are some more motivated than others? Why is it difficult to stay motivated? How does my behavior influence my success? How does motivation, or lack of, impact my personal, professional and social life? In this discussion you will gather tools to harness your own inner-cheerleader. Develop strategies to modify behaviors and create balance in a fast-paced world. Learn to set meaningful goals that support a lifestyle of personal success and happiness.

For Communication: Compassionate and Effective Communication

Successful communication begins with a genuine intention and a joy for being with the other person. This can often be challenging in a business environment if you are not in the right frame of mind. During this talk, learn methods to teach teams how to reset their mindset. Uniquely designing solutions and strategies through direct communication will expand your opportunities, increase successful outcomes, and gather a sense of enjoyment during any verbal exchange. A clear, concise delivery of a message, using empathy and compassion will dramatically improve and empower any communication, negotiation, and presentation.

For Self Development: Bring Your Whole Self to Work

An interactive workshop focused on guiding you toward a deeper understanding of how to bring your whole self to the workplace. The workshop will include: collective group discussion, personal reflection, and self- discovery. We will be building a connection between self-awareness, authentic self, and greater success in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) will also be taught at a high level. You will walk away with helpful tools and resources that can be used in real life workplace scenarios.

For Leadership: What Is Leadership? How Anyone Can Step Into The Role

In this talk, we’ll explore the various ways leadership exists in the workplace and the various roles a leader may play within organizations. We’ll attempt to discover the difference between a leader and manager and will also explore how anyone has the capacity to be a leader. This is suited for anyone in a management or leadership role and is also meant to include anyone interested in becoming a manager or leader.

For Chiropractic Care: Desk Job Body

During this interactive lunch and learn style talk, you’ll learn the importance of of Movement & Ergonomics. Gain an understanding of how proper Ergonomics reduces Musculoskeletal disorders at work, and recognize fundamental movement patterns. You’ll learn how to out to relieve pain, improve posture and restore function with self myofascial soft tissue release techniques.

For Parenting: Stress Management Strategies for Parents

Education related to sources of stress, common symptoms, and actionable strategies for effective management. Positive Discipline classes are for parents who want to decide goals for themselves and their family, as well as tailor each to their needs at home.

For Finance: Be Your Own CFO

Being your own CFO means understanding, monitoring, and managing your income and expenses. We will discuss spending, servicing debt, savings, and investments. Together we’ll learn the formula for maximizing your “profit”. You will see a framework for creating and using a Financial Dashboard and review some best practices for managing spending and dealing with debt. We’ll cover monitoring your credit as well as the factors that most influence your credit score.

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