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Movement: An Underutilized Resource That Can Be Implemented Into An Office to Combat Health Issues

Did you know that more than 1/3 of Americans are overweight or obese? Or that 117 million Americans had one or more chronic illnesses, which account for 75 percent of all healthcare costs in the U.S.? Being part of Corporate America, not only exposes your employees and colleagues to unhealthy food options and a sedentary lifestyle, but... it also promotes it! I know what you are thinking, "we provide healthy snacks and standing desks, we are a healthy employer." The reality is, approximately 80% of people are not ready to take action to change their health behaviors. Why? Some don't see it as a problem, some don't have the time, most don't know the long term damages they are doing to their body!

FitPros provides a gamut of health and wellness offerings that promote healthy living and can be implemented into a workplace seamlessly. We appreciate that not all budgets are the same, but more often than not company money is being put towards happy hours, birthday cakes and/or other unhealthy options that are not promoting health or even showing your employees you truly care about their wellbeing. A client favorite is, in office Yoga and Meditation. FitPro Paige Galster is a reoccurring instructor for Square SF employees. She has a very loyal following that constantly rave about her and how beneficial they find the easily accessible classes she teaches in their office! Paige is lucky to now be a full time Yoga instructor (a testament to how fantastic she is), but even she has struggled with how to eat mindfully and move with purpose not as punishment. Check out her blog below to get a little insight into why implementing movement into your company culture may be necessary.

For years during and after college, I worked out to undo all the bad food and (adult) beverage choices I had made. If I overindulged, I would force myself to stay at the gym for hours, slugging away on the dreadmill or stair stepper. I wasn’t interested in lifting weights because I certainly didn’t want to add any bulk to my body. As a result, for years, I dreaded going to the gym to workout.

It wasn’t until I found yoga that I slowly began to realize that movement in the body can be used for so much more than penance for bad eating habits. When I landed in yoga, I didn’t have an agenda because it was a requirement for the junior college I was attending. I simply went for the class credits. During that semester of yoga, I finally made the connection that my body deserved to be treated better and rather than bashing it, I began to celebrate it for the things it could do. I was, after all, a competitive collegiate cheerleader that could do really incredible things. I never thought of our cheerleading practices as “exercise.” We rehearsed to perform and to refine our routines and stunt technique. The byproduct of our thrice-weekly three-hour practices amounted to a pretty strong body but not one that I was very connected to.

I have yoga to thank for helping me make the shift from I “have to” workout to “I get to move my body.” Within this perspective shift, so many things opened up in my world. I started to notice the way my body responded to certain types of foods, sweets, and alcohol. Another huge change that I wasn’t quite tuned into yet was the impact on my overall mental health. The deeper connection I forged with my body, the more in tune I became with my surroundings and my choice in the way I decided to treat my body. What started out as a once-per-week yoga class has had a profound effect on my overall wellbeing. For the first time ever, self-care became a priority. Finally, I understood that listening to the intuitive feedback the body provides is a powerful tool, one in which we can all benefit from.

These days, I workout less for my physical body and more for my mental health. For me, different movement modalities provide various benefits. Running allows me to process emotions that I can’t yet put into words. Yoga provides the space for me to arrive at the present moment. Pilates helps me cultivate a deeper connection to my intuition. Bootcamps allow me to step away from all daily BS that builds, bringing me back to basics. I now look forward to movement and activity and feel energized with physical challenges. The way my body looks is merely the result of keeping my head right.



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