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Check out some of our Parenting offerings below:

Discipline Without Yelling, Nagging,or Spanking

Focuses on identifying parenting struggles, psycho-education related to the long-lasting effects of negative discipline, prevention methods, and punishment alternatives to setting boundaries.

Discover Mistaken Goals Behind Your Child’s Misbehavior

Psycho-education on discerning beliefs versus behaviors, recognition of parents’ responses, and developing proactive parenting skills connected to their children’s mistaken goals. Designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful, and resourceful members of their communities.

Stress Management for Parents

Education related to sources of stress, common symptoms, and actionable strategies for effective management. Positive Discipline classes are for parents who want to decide goals for themselves and their family, as well as tailor each to their needs at home.

Discover Your Joyous Adult

Learn how to be your own Nurturing Parent who will listen and respond to your inner negative voices. This practice heals old wounds and allows you to break through blocks in your life.

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