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5 Tips for Switching to a Plant-Based Diet

You’ve heard it all: going on a plant-based diet does wonders for your overall health and is really beneficial for the environment. You want to feel better about yourself and contribute less to global warming but switching over to the plant side can be hard and a little scary. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a crash course on how to switch over to a plant-based diet as simply as possible!

  1. Know Your Motivation

There are a million reasons why people switch over to a plant-based diet. Whether if it’s for your health or Mother Earth, you have to know your big “why”. why you’re doing this. It’s not easy making this switch so when you’re reaching over for that slice of pepperoni pizza, you have to remember your mantra.

  1. Make Changes Gradually

Some people want to dive right in but we suggest dipping your toe in the plant-based waters and get a feel for it. Backed by science, it takes about 66 days to form a new habit. Start with a few plant-based meals that you already enjoy and build on it or maybe dedicate one whole day before incorporating it into your daily lifestyle. A good example would be Meatless Mondays!

  1. Cut Down on Meat

Start cutting down on your meat portions by upping your vegetable portions. You can also try using vegetables like mushrooms and cauliflower for meat substitutes. You’ll be so surprised with what you can do when you have to get a little creative in the kitchen. There are so many different kinds of “meat” that taste just like it and you won’t have to let go of your favorite dishes. If you’re not into fake meat, there’s also tofu, tempeh, the list goes on!

  1. Find Alternatives to Your Guilty Pleasures

Love cheese? Love cookies? Whatever savory or sweet treat you may crave, there is most likely a delicious plant-based version for that! In today’s world, people are becoming more innovative and creating plant-based products of the foods that we enjoy and they still taste just as good! The ​CompletEats​ cookie is one healthier cookie that you don’t have to feel guilty about. Also Pinterest and Facebook Groups are a great resource for plant-based recipes.

  1. Always Be Prepared

Although it’s been a lot easier to be plant-based, not all restaurants or grocery stores will have a great selection. Admit it, you probably hoard snacks in your office desk already so now you have to bring plant-based snacks with you everywhere. You don’t want to go hungry! Like we mentioned above, find other alternatives to your favorite snacks.

Creating new habits are never easy, especially a new lifestyle. Starting slow with the right goals in mind will help you get through this new journey. To help get you on a great start to plant-based heaven, we’re offering free shipping on​ with code ​FITPROS​ until 12/31/2019. Enjoy all the benefits of eating vegan (and gluten-free) while having your cookie too! Find us handing out tasty samples at the next FitPros Fair!

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